My name is William Buhay and I eat an apple everyday. I write a column dedicated to general humor, and I try to be inspirational. When I am not playing football, running track, or working on student government projects, I am probably posted up on a bench somewhere attempting to answer life's burning questions. Should our lives be defined by success? What happens when we die? If I were wearing sunglasses right now, would I look like the coolest dude in school or a pretentious loser? How the heck am I going to apply to college when football practice has me home at 8pm everyday? I'm still searching for the elusive answers to these questions(except the shades one...I already look like a pretentious loser), so if you see me around, please feel free to discuss.

William Buhay, Columnist

Sep 27, 2019
Allotted apple time (Story)