Atlanta as human trafficking hotspot

Casey Monyak, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

To many of its residents, Atlanta is a thriving city renowned for its incredibly busy airport, large aquarium, hopping nightlife, and high quality food. Atlanta is also home to another lucrative industry, one which generates nearly...

Stopping the stigma of mental illness starts with discussion

Vicky Zhang, Photography Editor

February 2, 2017

Twenty-three years ago, a woman by the name of Kamala Dasinghani did something you and I would still consider unprecedented. Valedictorian of Dartmouth’s Class of 1994, she revealed that she suffered from an eating disorder...

Basketball season in full swing

Jack Hunter, Sports Writer

February 2, 2017

Both the girls and boys varsity basketball teams are in the midst of tough region schedules, including their most recent home game against rival Pace, but they continue to work their hardest as teams to excel. The girls recently...

The future of the Hawks

Andrew Lingle, Columnist

February 2, 2017

The Atlanta Hawks have been a part of the NBA postseason for nine seasons now, second to only the San Antonio Spurs. Yet a sense of mediocrity permeates through the team and its fan base. The question is, should the Hawks tank...

Cancelled 24-Hour Relay ignites controversy

Charlie Benedict, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

This past winter, the 24-Hour Relay was cancelled because of a lack of teacher volunteers to chaperone the event. The 24-Hour Relay is an annual race in December to raise funds for cystic fibrosis research. Cystic fibrosis is...

Westminster students awarded spots in 20 under 20 for service

Paige Price, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

Many Westminster students find opportunities in and outside the community as a way of giving back through philanthropy and volunteer work. There are also a handful of Upper School students who take their work to a higher level...

Wrap-ups of college football and NFL

Will Benton, Sports Writer

February 2, 2017

Nearly a month into the new year, the college football season has come to a close, and the NFL season is nearing an end. Throughout the year, there were many interesting storylines, especially multiple college players electing...

Perfect Tens: The legacy of Artic Monkey’s debut album

Mason Wright, Columnist

February 2, 2017

At the turn of the century, the Internet began to dominate culture, especially in regard to music. Bands could now distribute their songs instantly to their fans through websites like the forgotten Myspace. A group of teenagers...

Westminster teams trash-talk for PRUMC championship

Miles Davis, Sports Writer

February 2, 2017

Basketball season is off and running for Westminster’s five official high school basketball teams, as well as the 12 other PRUMC basketball teams. For players who do not play varsity basketball and just want to have fun with...

STEAM JanTerm visits artist residency

Annie Kong, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

One of the numerous JanTerm courses offered this year is the STEAM Workshop, where students apply science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills to create individual and group projects. The first week consists of lectures...

Star Wars and others highlight the holiday movie season

Ryan Suddath, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

Many things come to mind when we consider the holiday season. Attending church, caroling, and shopping are among the most popular activities unique to that time of year. Yet, there is one element of the holiday season that we...