Letter from the Editors – January 2018

Anna Wilkinson, Editor-In-Chief

January 26, 2018

What are we learning? Do you ever ask yourself this question? What kind of knowledge are schools supposed to equip us with? Is it their responsibility to make us good people or good students? I’ve been thinking a lot about t...

Letter from the Editors – December 2017

Anna Wilkinson, Editor In-Chief

December 1, 2017

Ah. The holiday season is upon us. The season of paradoxes, such as your grandmother saying “ooh let’s give him some nickels” when the Salvation Army guy gets in your face, and then going into Walmart and jostling another lady ...

Letter from the Editors – September 2017

Anna Wilkinson, Editor In-Chief

September 29, 2017

The word “leader” can be a sinkhole. It’s everywhere in the atmosphere of our campus – apologies for sounding trenchant, but sometimes I imagine the scene in Brave New World where the infants are played those kind of mind-...

Letter from the Editors – January 2017

John Sheehan and Katie O'Neal

February 2, 2017

It’s the New Year! Yay! It’s already the end of January but it feels like nothing has really changed, and I still write ‘2016’ on all my papers. I always expect some sort of moment of monumental change or insight to come...

Letter from the Editors – September 2016

Katie O'Neal and John Sheehan

September 30, 2016

Three years ago we never would have thought that we would be where we are today. As ninth graders, John was wallowing in the spectacular failure of his first article as a sports reporter for the Bi-Line, and Katie hadn’t even...

Letter from the Editor – January 2016

Catherine Benedict, Head Editor

January 29, 2016

JanTerm 2016 is over. That’s right- it’s been 14 school days, 3 food trucks, and countless hours of community time- but it’s over. Done. We’ll speed on to the second semester without a second thought, right? Cram our mind...

Letter From the Editor

Catherine Benedict, Head Editor

November 21, 2015

Beloved Community: the two words most likely to both bring a smile to Jim Justice’s face and prompt snide derision from the more cynical members of the student body. Like many other students, I find the saccharine earnestness o...

The College Admissions Process

Laura Street, Head Editor

October 30, 2015

I’ve always been fascinated by the college application process. Seniors can attest to the fact that it’s daunting, stressful, and makes for one roller coaster of a semester. Juniors and underclassmen, take note: the process i...

Letter from the Editor

Hannah Gay, Head Editor

January 30, 2015

Contrary to the rabble-rousers of today’s news sources, I think I’ve actually become a more adamant supporter of free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. I used to think that the French magazine, which described itse...

Letter from the Editor

Tara Subramaniam, Head Editor

December 12, 2014

As early as October, storefronts start showing signs of the holidays. A time supposedly meant for family, joy, togetherness, and gratitude has been heavily commercialized. Starting with Halloween, stores of all kinds attempt to pr...

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

October 23, 2014

Letter From the Editor: Traditions

Hannah Gay, Head Editor

September 19, 2014

After almost a year since ground breaking and four months of projected construction to go, we finally know what the new library will look like. Group study spaces of “The Future,” more group study spaces, quiet group study...

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