#MeToo movement rises

Meimei Xu, News Reporter

January 26, 2018

When the New York Times first reported rape allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on Oct. 5, 2017, many felt that a new era had begun. Then, on Oct. 15, actress Alyssa Milano wrote on Twitter, “If you’ve been ...

Losing sight of MLK day significance

Alex Bradham, News Reporter

January 26, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Has a day dedicated to a commemoration lost its purpose? Once a celebrated holiday devoted to remembering the monumental work of civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King Jr., MLK Jr. Day has b...

Global JanTerms extend campus learning opportunities

Phoebe Liu, News Reporter

January 26, 2018

During the month of January, Westminster’s campus expanded from the 180-acre plot of land nestled comfortably in Atlanta to a global learning experience stretching 6500 miles to Israel, 8000 miles to Kenya, and several hundr...

Rains Draper expands his music passion

Rachel Liu, Arts Reporter

January 26, 2018

On the Westminster campus, music flows up and down every hall and pathway, and through each and every student, from orchestra classes to always anticipated talent shows and Messiah. Through these experiences, Senior Rains Draper ...

Writing Fellows aim to improve Upper School writing

Sarah Street, Arts Reporter

January 26, 2018

It is not easy to write the perfect research paper for history class, create a work of poetry to submit to the Scholastic writing contest, or revise the college essay to your dream school. To help aid students facing writing predi...

Juniors transition back to campus life after Chewonki

Julia Rhee, News Reporter

January 26, 2018

At Westminster, learning is not restricted to the confines of an Askew classroom, or even the 180 acres that define campus, as the school provides its students with unique opportunities and experiences that allow students to l...

Dome implosion marks end of an era

Colin Suddath, Sports Reporter

January 26, 2018

A few weeks ago, within just 12 seconds, 25 years of Atlanta history was reduced to rubble when the Georgia Dome was finally imploded. Looking back on the history of the Dome, students and faculty explored the rationale behind the hi...

Letter from the Editors – January 2018

Anna Wilkinson, Editor-In-Chief

January 26, 2018

What are we learning? Do you ever ask yourself this question? What kind of knowledge are schools supposed to equip us with? Is it their responsibility to make us good people or good students? I’ve been thinking a lot about t...

Why the repeal of net neutrality is a good thing

Charlie Benedict, Opinions Editor

January 26, 2018

I do not care about net neutrality. I hope it gets overturned, and here’s why: How many hours do you think US citizens alone have given social media companies for free? Billions upon unperceivable billions. We capitulated to th...

Art JanTerms provide students with new opportunities

Gray Aldridge, Arts Reporter

January 26, 2018

     While there are many well-known and popular JanTerms such as “Physics of Flight,” one category shines among the rest: art. These classes supplement the ample selection of electives during the regular school year wh...

High Expectations for Winter Olympics with Russia and North Korea

Andrew Stevens, Sports Reporter

January 26, 2018

It’s been 30 years since the last Olympic Games were held in South Korea, and in 2018, South Korea seems more prepared than ever to open their country to the top athletes from all across the globe. With 90 countries competing in ...

The major letdown that is Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Andrew Zacks, Columnist

January 26, 2018

You saw the movie. You’ve formed your own opinions. You know what you would have done differently had it been you with 450 million dollars and the weight of not just this world but an entire cinematic universe on your back....