William and Amanda Show returns to Westy roots


APRIL 1, 2026- William Denning ’16 and Amanda Brothers ’16 recently stopped by Westminster to make an appearance at an assembly in between tapings of their late-night comedy show. Though the two, now based out of Los Angeles ten years after their graduation from Westminster, have outrageously busy schedules, coming back to their alma mater was a trip they prioritized.

“Hellooo Westminster!” yelled Brothers as she took the stage. “How surreal is this? William and I could not be more excited to be back at the place where we got our start in the entertainment industry!”

“Just a few years ago, we were in your seats – trying not to let the deans see us cramming for tests during assemblies,” said Denning. “A decade later and here we are, actually still allowed on campus! Oh, and we’re the stars of William and Amanda, the nation’s most popular late night comedy show.”

“It all started during our junior year. William and I each ran for senior class president on the platform of ‘making assemblies great again,’” Brothers elaborated. “After we were elected, we made it our goal to make each assembly a little more insane than the one before it.”

The Brothers-Denning administration will, of course, forever be a part of Westminster lore for its creation of our beloved Fall Fest, Winter Fest, and Spring Fest. The first fest was a humble affair – some funny games and skits, emceed by Denning and Brothers. But the fests have, like the duo’s comedy routine, grown more outrageous over the years. Winter Fest 2026 will forever be remembered as Rodeo Fest for its (real) wildcat-riding contest.

Denning noted the fresh wildcat scratch etched into McCain’s stage. “Wow! Using wild animals is a great way to generate laughs. Amanda, they have some great ideas here. We should take note!”

During their hour-long appearance, William and Amanda took time to talk about their ascent to stardom before performing some of their favorite skits from the infamous 2015-2016 assemblies. Highlights included pitting the football team against the debate team for a round of Jeopardy featuring totally incomprehensible questions and that game where boys put girls’ hair in swim caps.

At one point, the lights dimmed. Amanda came out wearing a feather boa and William donned a stylish newsboy cap.

“Here’s a glimpse into our senior year Homecoming,” said Amanda. “A little song called ‘Bop to the Top!’”

The two proceeded to execute the singing and dancing routine flawlessly.

To close out the show, William and Amanda wheeled an old rusty friend onto the stage: the t-shirt cannon, their co-star in several 2015-2016 assemblies. In a fit of generosity (perhaps prompted by the lucrative movie deal the two had signed the week before), the duo loaded the cannon with $50 bills and fired them into the crowd. While the student body scrambled to collect money as ceiling crud rained down on them, William and Amanda slipped out a back door and into the black limo waiting for them. Back to Hollywood after a brief return to high school.