Netflix Makes Five Year Deal with StudioW and WCAT

As demand for new digital content is on the rise due to social distancing, Netflix has made a deal with Westminster’s own WCAT and Studio W. The deal between the two entertainment services at Westminster and Netflix will last for five years, and will include both original series and movies.

         “I was not surprised to learn that Netflix reached out to us,” said StudioW member Carl Wheezer. “After all, we make some of the best films in the world. It was only a matter of time.”

         Westminster has a long history when it comes to garnering the attention of the world. This fall, members of StudioW traveled to New York City to participate in the All American High School Film Festival and WCAT won the 2019 National Student Production Award.

         “The negotiations between Westminster and Netflix have been going on for some time now,” said WCAT leader Bolbi Stroganofsky. “Their people met with our people, and the rest is history.”

         Although filming has been halted due to coronavirus concerns, Netflix gave Studio W and WCAT a multi-million dollar budget to create new TV shows and films surrounded around life at Westminster.

         “One of our highly anticipated T.V. shows is called ‘The Marvelous Mr. Geeza’ and follows the daily life of Mr. Geeza as he navigates through adulthood as an aspiring comedian in New York City,” said Netflix executive Cindy Vortex. “Another series I’m excited about is ‘Keeping up with Brooks Batcheller,’ where Brooks dishes out all of the tea and gossip he has dished up from unsuspecting students.”

         The deal also includes a clause that allows for indie filmmakers from StudioW to get their chance to shine.

         “We have been able to start working on lots of films that Westminster would normally not allow us to make,” said Wheezer. “For example, we just wrapped on a film titled ‘Rock Blasting: Revenge of the Rocks’ where blasted rocks finally get their revenge.”

         The beauty behind the Netflix-Westminster film deal is that audiences will get a glimpse at life on campus.

         “I’m excited to see the stress, parking struggles, and construction that everyone keeps talking about,” said Lovett student Doug Dimmadome. “I’m glad Netflix has finally capitalized on the wild lives of Westminster students.”

         Additionally, Westminster has been chosen to be the first high school to stream athletic competitions on Netflix. Sports involved in filming are the following: soccer, tennis, spikeball, knitting, chess, football, lacrosse, scuba diving, baseball, and fly-fishing. WCAT hopes to mic up coaches so that viewers can hear what really goes on during tough games.

“I’m a little worried about the idea of having us be mic’d up during games,” said varsity football coach Nariyoshi Miyagi. “I have the very serious condition of stress flatulence, and I don’t think the world is ready to hear me during those tough times.” 

Flatulences aside, make sure to look out for WCAT and StudioW on Netflix. Although the path to success may always be under construction, at least Netflix has graced us with the ability to enjoy school far from Westminster’s campus. Hopefully WCAT and StudioW will stay on the service for years to come.