The Bi-Line to become the Uni-Line starting next fall


Since 1963, the Bi-Line has been keeping the Westminster community informed about everything that matters in the world. Whether it’s arts, sports, opinions, or news, the Bi-Line has it covered. 

However, after 60 years, the Bi-Line will undergo a name change. Starting next year, the Bi-Line will become the Uni-Line

“We just felt that a name change was long overdue given that it has been 60 years,” said Eric Combest, faculty advisor of the Bi-Line.

No additional details have been given at this point, but the administration seems to be supportive of the decision overall. 

“We want to represent the prestige and excellence of our school in all that we do, and by changing our newspaper’s name to the Uni-Line reflects just that. We are always number one. I mean, look at the amazing infrastructure we’re building!” said Keith Evans, president of the Westminster Schools.

The Bi-Line staff looks forward to returning next year united as the Uni-Line.