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“Bawk” (bottom floor of Hawkins) to be auctioned off by the senior class


Upon the completion of the 2023-2024 school year, the coveted “Bawk” (Bottom of Hawkins) will be auctioned off by the senior class. Held near and dear to the hearts of all seniors, Bawk has been a second home for the majority of their high school careers. Due to its proximity to Brewer Cafe, wall-mounted TVs (often used during March Madness), and comfortable seating, the starting bid for Bawk starts at $2,024 billion. 

 “It takes a lot for me to leave this place,” said Presley Tsang. “It’s like a piece of me now.” 

Tsang, as well as Carson Matheson, are among some of the most distressed about losing ownership of Hawkins. Both winning “biggest Bawk rot” as their senior superlatives, Tsang and Matheson have found themselves a home in the comforting mustiness of Bawk. 

 “I’ve already purchased a green seating block to take with me to my college dorm,” said Matheson. “I just can’t leave Bawk behind.”

While many individuals like Matheson and Tsang are mourning the loss of Bawk, others, notably Brooks Batcheller, are overjoyed. Stationed right outside of Bawk, Batcheller is among the many teachers who teach in proximity to Bawk and catch many conversations. 

“I think I know more about these kids than some of their friends do,” said Batcheller. “They often forget my office isn’t soundproof.”

Bawk is usually the most busy from 8-8:30 am, 12-1:55 pm, and 3-3:30 pm. The perfect place to study, talk, and rot, Bawk finds itself occupied nearly all hours of the day. However, this past month, Bawk has hit an all time high in occupancy. This is likely due to the start of the March Madness basketball tournament, as Bawk hosted a viewing party for the first couple games. 

While numbers are definitely at their highest in March, there is never a dull moment in Bawk. In fact, back in December, a popular game called “Rocket Bot” began to be streamed on the TVs, creating much excitement for many boys.

“Despite Bawk being an ‘only-senior area,’ one time I live streamed my rocket bot game and it was so hype,” says junior Darius Gordon. “When I won the game, everyone in Bawk lifted me on their shoulders and paraded me around. I felt like I was on top of the world.” 

Promoting community, positive vibes and the overall well-being of individuals, it’s no wonder Bawk’s beginning price is in the billions. 

For those interested, the auction will take place on Monday, April 1, at 20:24 (military time). All current high school grades are invited, as well as the incoming freshman class. Food and drinks will be provided by Brewer Cafe and the auction will last approximately one hour. Teachers are also welcome to attend the event and invited to bid for Bawk as well. 

“I’ve had my eyes on Bawk for a while now,” said Civil Dialogue advisor John Monahan. “It gets me excited just thinking about all the healthy conversations that could take place there.”

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