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Flik makes history, becomes first school catering company to earn a Michelin Star


Atlanta’s Michelin Guide highlights breakout restaurants and ATL’s top fine-dining fixtures, among them Bacchanalia, the Chastain, and more. Joining the list, and making history as the world’s first school catering company to make the Michelin Guide, is Westminster’s very own Flik dining. Flik was recently honored with one Michelin star, recognizing its high-quality cooking and exceptional dining. 

While this addition may come as a surprise to some, Westminster students and staff have long raved about Flik’s illustrious dining experience. 

“I like that it’s edible. My old public school was not as great.” said freshman Ziti Tortellini. “Plus, they have pasta a lot, and you can’t really mess pasta up.”

“I like Dessert Thursdays. When they make yummy cookeys [sic]” noted third grader Gumbo Sofrito in an eloquent online review on, testifying to the refined palates of Flik-goers.

“I’m thoroughly impressed by their endless variations of chicken and rice,” said junior Prima Vera. “I like that there’s a different mouthfeel and taste every time I go back. You never know what to expect – like an adventure for your palettes.”

As seen through the different plays on the mainstay chicken and rice – Greek chicken and orzo, chicken gumbo and rice, murgh makhani and basmati rice, firecracker chicken and rice – Flik boldly takes on different cultures with their dishes.

“The Flik hospitality group adeptly combines worldly inspiration in humble spaces to feed large capacities. Eclectic, contemporary, truly innovative: you see it in dishes like the beefy cheesy mac,” said one anonymous Michelin inspector. “Michelin rates on five points: quality of products, mastery of flavor, personality of chef, value for money, and consistency – and Flik excels with flying flavors.” 

What impressed the Michelin inspectors as well was the sheer number of Flik-goers –  regulars who come back day after day. In an extensive amenities list, they noted triple-deck parking, window views in a sprawling space, and outdoor seating with entertainment available on select days on Spatio. 

“I witnessed a riveting four-square tournament while enjoying my beer cheese soup.” said senior Alfredo Linguini Jr. “The four-square roster? Disappointing. The beer cheese? Delectable.”

Flik’s accolades don’t end at one Michelin star: the dining group also earned a green star from Michelin for sustainable gastronomy. From recycling the previous day’s house-roasted turkey in Brewer Café’s turkey swiss cheese sub to upgrading their cups to the newest most earth-friendly designs, Flik sets the precedent for schools striving to be more environmentally conscious. 

“My biodegradable rice paper cup once dissolved in my hands as I was drinking my favorite lemonade iced tea concoction, and the tea stained my favorite sweater. For the record though, I stand with Flik,” said user FlikFan500 on

 After the Michelin Guide’s recognition, food influencers and casual eaters alike have traveled to Flik and enthused over their experiences. Impact has gone so far as to inspire a campaign by neighboring schools, notably Lovett, called “Flock to Flik!” in which students try to sneak into Malone to eat Flik lunch. Westminster kids, in return, have retaliated with a counter-campaign: “Flik Off!”

Students are excited to see what direction Flik will take upon receiving this new, highly coveted rating.

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