Artist spotlight: Abigail Henegar

Art is a favorite pastime for senior Abigail Henegar. Having taken almost all the art classes offered here at Westminster, such as Drawing and Painting I & II, ceramics, Portfolio, and Graphic Design, it is clear that she takes a great interest in it.

“Ever since I was able to use crayons, I’ve absolutely loved it,” said Henegar. “I’ve been doing it all my life.”

Henegar, now in AP Art, has been able to advance herself through her artwork, as her work is extremely detail-oriented. She is even able to reflect herself as a person through various assignments, such as a portrait painting assignment she did as a junior.

“I had to do a portrait displaying expectations put on me,” said Henegar. “Since my dad is a pastor, some expect me to be a bit of a rebel. But, I’m not really like that. So, I ended up having one picture of me sitting on a church pew with a normal expression, along with two faces on either side, whispering in my ears. They are both trying to win me over, kind of like a devil and angel effect.”

Henegar is very dedicated to her work, taking her time with each piece of art.

“I’ve had her for the past couple of years, and I’ve noticed that everything has to be exact with her,” said art teacher Lauren Sleat. “She does incredibly beautiful work, deliberately taking her time. She makes beautiful, clear, precise lines, which makes her finishing product look really good.”

However long her work may take, Henegar does not give up very easily.

“She can be hard headed sometimes,” said Sleat. “She wants things exactly right, and she fights for that. It’s a really great quality to have as an artist, because you stay true to your word and you are able to define your style of art.”

Whenever she gets the chance, Henegar works on various projects. She even paints portraits of families!

In April 2014, Henegar, using her resources, contacted a few of the men associated with her church. She asked them if they would like a painting of their family as a present for Mother’s Day.

“I went to each client’s house and took many shots of their family,” said Henegar. “They usually wanted shots of their kids together, or just individually.”

Henegar would email the photos to the mother of the family, requesting she pick out the ones she liked the most, then painted the selected pictures as portraits.

“They are a work in progress,” said Henegar. “I haven’t finished them, since they are very detailed, but it is an ongoing present. I’m excited to see the finishing product of them all.”

When looking at Henegar’s work, one can see she has a great amount of character to it as well. Her pieces greatly reflect who she is as a person.

“I love Abigail’s art!” said senior and classmate Mary Craig Lindgren.  “She is very precise, and she has a very strong voice in her pieces.”

Henegar’s work also seems to have a touch of femininity, especially when she creates delicate and lace-like structures.

“The palate and detail she uses blends itself into a very feminine look, and I see that in many of her pieces,” said Sleat. “She always looks great in person, and I can see that the color choice of clothing really reflects the palate she uses in her artwork. She uses a lot of light pastels, giving a very pretty and light effect.”

There is no doubt that Henegar is a naturally gifted artist. With no help from an outside art instructor, she relies on whatever pops into her mind at the time. She confides in the art teachers here, and even encourages her peers, giving them helpful feedback.

“She always has very good comments when we critique in class, giving specific ideas and pointing out what is working someone’s piece,” said Lindgren. “Even though our class assignments have been different at times, you can always tell what is hers when it is hanging on the wall. I’m always so impressed at how well she is able to do at such a high level of detail.”