Bill Huang excels in robotics and art

by Liv Combest 

High school students can’t be much more prodigious than sophomore Bill Huang. An invaluable member of robotics and a talented artist, Huang has made contributions that have far surpassed those expected of sophomores.

Huang has made contributions to the robotics team which have far surpassed those expected of sophomores.

 “He’s probably one of two or three most active sophomores right now,” said senior robotics business team lead Erika Schumacher. “Bill does have fun, but he also does a lot of work, which is a really great part about having him on the team.”

Huang has been involved in robotics for years.

“I started [robotics] in fifth grade, when I came to Westminster,” said Huang. “I worked with LEGO robots. One summer, when I was a kid, I went to a robotics camp, and then the next year I came to Westminster.”

Robotics isn’t the only way Huang distinguishes himself on campus, though—he’s also heavily involved in art.

“I’ve taken art since kindergarten,” said Huang. “I didn’t really do it seriously, but my mom made me take art classes when I was younger.”

Huang takes AP 2D art, which is reserved for only the best artists and is rare for sophomores. Huang’s taste in 2D mediums isn’t limited to just drawing and painting; he enjoys experimenting with different forms of expression.

“Right now, I’m kind of exploring transparency, and I’m doing a lot of pen work right now,” said Huang. “I’m just trying to explore other mediums. I also considered doing machines for my concentration, but I decided against it.”

Interestingly enough, Huang has found that his skill and experience with art can also tend to manifest itself in robotics as well.

“They’ve kind of interwoven somewhat, I guess, because I’ve been doing robotics and art, and I’ve also been doing the engineering part of it, and architecture,” said Huang. “I think it’s cool, because I can get things to be visually pleasing.”

With Huang’s heavy involvement in robotics and art, his leadership roles are already emerging.

“Bill really picks up on stuff fast. He’s always been ready to share his ideas about design,” said Schumacher. “He kind of already leads people, which is incredible as a sophomore. There’s so many people, and it can be hard to distinguish himself. ”

With the knowledge he’s gained in the past two years on the team, Huang is a vital member of both his robotics team and his art classes. He has certainly distinguished himself, contributing often to both robotics and the visual arts department. Even as a sophomore, Huang’s prodigious skills have earned him a name around the school, even if he is only a sophomore.

“He’s one of the most dedicated members of the team,” said Schumacher. “It’s really incredible as a sophomore, and I think he’s only going to get better.”