The Rise of Aaron’s Amphitheatre


        This past summer saw the rise of Aaron’s Amphitheatre, a massive pavilion about four miles south of downtown Atlanta. With innovative lighting, technology, and a distinctive easygoing atmosphere, Aaron’s Amphitheatre reigns as the most popular concert venue among Westminster students. The amphitheater, which first opened in 1989, now boasts parking for 6,000, concession stands, and 2 VIP decks.

          From Fall Out Boy to Sting, Aaron’s Amphitheatre attracts an array of musicians.

         “I think Aaron’s Amphitheatre attracts so many artists because there is a unique venue, and an outdoor and indoor component,” said junior Michael McGovern. “It also can hold a lot of people, which garners the attention of big-name celebrities.”

        Several artists, such as Phish, have named Aaron’s Amphitheatre as one of their preferred concert locations, owing to the venue’s unparalleled audio experience. Other celebrities such as Tim McGraw, Elton John, Pearl Jam, and Aerosmith have performed there.

         “I think it’s pretty cool that you don’t have an assigned seat, so you have some mobility,” said McGovern. “You can turn around and talk to all of your friends who are also there, in the lawn.”

         Many Westminster students attended multiple concerts, but usually could choose a favorite from them all.

         “I went to Wiz Khalifa, Dave Matthews, Lady Antebellum, and Toby Keith this summer,” said McGrew. “I had the most fun at Wiz Khalifa because all of my friends were there, and that’s my favorite artist out of all of them.”

        Out of all the concerts this summer, the highest number of Westminster students attended the concert featuring JCole, a popular hip-hop recording artist “A lot of my friends from outside of school were there,” said sophomore Truman Vick. “I knew all the songs, so it was fun.”

         Students cited the artists and mobility as major reasons for the amphitheater’s popularity.

         “It does have a lot of good artists that perform there,” said McGovern, “But also the free and mobile spacing makes it so you can walk around and see all of your friends instead of having to sit next to one, like the arena.”

         “You can go on the lawn, or you can go into the concert, so a lot of people can afford it that way because it’s cheaper at the lawn and more expensive at the concerts,” said McGrew. The 4000 seats under the pavilion, 3000 outdoor seats, and open area for another 12,000 concert-goers draws many Westminster students.

          The concerts are popular not only among Westminster students, but throughout Atlanta. “I would say that it seems very relaxed,” said McGovern. “It felt really open and free, since it is mostly outdoors.”

        This summer, more students went to Aaron’s Amphitheatre than Braves games. Although some Westminster students consider concerts and Braves games incomparable, others prefer the concerts.

      “Unlike the Braves stadium, where you have to stay in one place, you can move around [at Aaron’s amphitheater],” said McGovern. “I do also enjoy going to Braves games, but I do like from a personal standpoint to walk around and see kids who I don’t get to see everyday, some of whom don’t go to Westminster.”

        However, in McGrew’s opinion, part of the increase in popularity of Aaron’s Amphitheatre is because the Braves stadium slightly switched amenities.

         “The place where everyone hangs out at Braves games [changed], in a way, so a lot of people don’t go anymore,” said McGrew. “And there were also a ton of concerts people liked this summer, so it was more fun than Braves games.”

        Although the concerts were extremely popular this summer, Aaron’s Amphitheatre’s popularity may decline with the approach of fall and winter.

         “It’s too cold in the winter to go,” said Vick.