Reparations may not be the solution we’ve been looking for

Jonas Du, Columnist

September 27, 2019

     As the 2020 election intensifies, many Democratic candidates are embracing the idea of slavery reparations, that is, providing financial compensation to descendants of slaves. According to a recent Young Democrats pol...

Fanning the Flames

Emre Duvenci, Columnist

September 27, 2019

     When the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro won the popular vote in October 2018, the nation’s status as the world’s fourth largest democracy began to waver. The sixth most populous country in the world was under ...

Virginia governor receives calls to step down among racism scandal

Charlie Benedict, News Editor

February 28, 2019

On February 1st, the right-wing website Big League Politics leaked a picture of two men at a party, one wearing blackface and the other sporting a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood. The picture was on Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph...

The State of the Union

Walker McPhail, News Reporter

February 28, 2019

“Madam Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States, and my fellow Americans,” President Donald J. Trump’s voice resonated across the house chamber. On February 5th, the 45th president...

United States pulls out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Nishka Bahl, News Reporter

February 28, 2019

Former French President, Charles De Gaulle, once said, “Treaties are like roses and young girls; they last while they last.” It seems De Gaulle was correct; since its inauguration in 2017, the Trump administration has pulled...

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Poses a Threat to the Democratic Party

Payton Selby, Columnist

February 1, 2019

Since the 2018 Midterm Elections, a wave of progression seems to have fallen over the Democratic party, energizing millennial voters and further engaging many into politics. The new Democratic freshman congressional class is the...

Trump’s Wall: Reinforcing Social Divides with Concrete Dividers

Phoebe Lariccia, Columnist

February 1, 2019

Five billion dollars. Imagine what you could do with that money—Would you buy a couple mansions with bowling alleys, movie theaters, and twelve-car garages like 21 Savage? Provide clean water to every developing country? Create...

The war on capitalism: Why we should not support socialism

Will Wallace, Guest Columnist

March 5, 2018

In recent years in the United States, capitalism has come under attack. The primary opposition or “solution” presented to capitalism is socialism. I am here to explain why socialism is not only impractical but utterly greed...

U.S.-North Korea relations grow icy amidst Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Annie Kong, News Reporter

March 5, 2018

On Feb. 9, nearly 3,000 athletes from around the world gathered in the Olympic stadium in Pyeongchang county, South Korea, for the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, kicking off 16 days of competition between 92 count...

Grammys, Golden Globes reach new heights of politicization

Meimei Xu, News Reporter

March 5, 2018

On Jan. 7, actors and actresses appeared in all black at the 2018 Golden Globes awards in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement for victims of sexual assault. In her acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille award, entertainment ic...

An argument for political moderates

Ella Bradford, Columnist

March 5, 2018

When my sister returned home from college for a brief family dinner for my father’s birthday, she began to fill the conversation with expressions of great extremism. In an achingly cliche turn of events, she had left home a t...

#MeToo movement rises

Meimei Xu, News Reporter

January 26, 2018

When the New York Times first reported rape allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on Oct. 5, 2017, many felt that a new era had begun. Then, on Oct. 15, actress Alyssa Milano wrote on Twitter, “If you’ve been ...