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Apps of the moment on campus

By Diana Ge

Anything from navigating through endless ruins to sending short-lived photos and videos to friends is possible when one is using an iOS or Android application. Now, students at Westminster are utilizing apps more than ever before. Two of the most popular apps in the community at the moment are none other than Snapchat and Temple Run 2.

Snapchat is a creative, unique way of communicating with friends via phone without actually having to call the person or recipient. Users can take pictures or videos known as “Snaps” and send them to their friends with a drawing or text.

“Snapchat is awesome for me because I make funny faces at anybody I see, and you know I’m always making some weird faces,” said sophomore Remi Matthews. “It’s nice to send them to a bunch of people. They usually make some smiles, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.”

However, this app has a twist: Each Snap has a set time expiration that is chosen by the sender, ranging from one second to ten. Once a Snap is viewed and its expiration is exhausted, the image will be deleted from the receiver’s phone.

“I like that you can send funny selfies and they can’t be saved,” said sophomore Erin Kennedy. “I got one because some of my friends recommended it, and it’s really simple [to use]—just take the picture and press send.”

Temple Run 2, on the other hand, is a bit of different concept. The game is the surprise sequel to the original, top-grossing Temple Run developed by Imangi Studios. It was just released in the Apple App Store for iOS on Jan. 17th, and the Android release followed a week later on Jan. 24th.

“I really love Temple Run 2 because it’s super fun and it’s so much better than Temple Run,” said Matthews. “Even though Temple Run was classic, Temple Run 2 just brings the addiction back. It’s free . . . it’s great.”

Both games’ basic storyline and concept are the same: the player tries to clear as many obstacles and survive for as long as he or she can while collecting coins and power-ups along the way. However, Temple Run 2 comes equipped with a better arsenal of features to offer to the player.

“Temple Run 2 is pretty cool,” said freshman Beth Huang. “It has better graphics and more variety, and it seems more adventurous.”

The gameplay of the application takes place in an entirely new and dynamic setting, complete with rushing waterfalls, zip lines, and even abandoned mines.

“You can run, you can jump over fire. The best part though, I think, is the zip line,” said Matthews. “The zip line looks so boss. You jump, you collect the coins, and then you get a super high score.”

Temple Run 2’s power-ups have also gone through some major changes as well. Instead of being granted temporary invisibility for a period of time, a shield protects the player only once. Players can revive themselves after death if they have the gems to sacrifice.

If its current ranking as the number one free application is any indication of its overall success, Temple Run 2 is shaping up to be just as wildly popular as its predecessor. The game has already been downloaded a staggering 20 million times in only the first four days of its release.

Snapchat and Temple Run 2 may be just as different as two applications can get. One serves the purpose of entertainment, while the other is a mode of communication. However, that does anything but deter students from using and appreciating them both.

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