Westminster brings in new CPPI program to expand addiction resources

The Comprehensive Prevention Planning Initiative (CPPI), introduced at an assembly in early October, is a new part of the Freedom from Chemical Dependency Program (FCD) that will be implemented at Westminster this fall. CPPI aims to destigmatize addiction and offer resources to students struggling with substance abuse and dealing with addiction. 

“What we hope to accomplish is creating a more safe environment for students who are struggling with substance use,” said member of the CPPI faculty council Clare Costello. “We’d eventually like to talk about how Westminster deals with students who are struggling with substance use and if there are non-disciplinary ways to support students who are having difficulties in that area.” 

CPPI includes a faculty council with more resources to come next semester. The faculty council is composed of adults who have been nominated by the Upper School student body, and many have personal reasons for accepting their nomination.  

“I guess I don’t have much of a story,” said faculty council member Doug Boomer, “but I just care, and I want to do something to help, and if there’s a person in need, I’d like to be there for them.” 

The CPPI cohort and the Westminster administration are also exploring potential policy changes. 

“I think the goal is to have faculty and students working together to recommend changes,” said Costello. “I’m really excited that faculty and students get to work together on it. There’s no point in doing anything if students aren’t involved.”

 To be a part of this student-led initiative, students can apply by sending an email to [email protected] or talking to a teacher on the council. Members of the council include Upper School Counselor Marguerite Spiotta, math teacher Doug Boomer, spanish teacher Val Causevic, english teacher Clare Costello, science teacher Tina Davis, french teacher Ashley Ferreira, computer science teacher Mitchell Griest, P.E. teacher LB Joel, performing arts department chair Kate Morgens, assistant athletics facilities supervisor Thomas Morse, math teacher Sara Pangle, visual arts teacher Michael Reese, performing arts teacher Scott Stewart, and coach Matt Tyler. To contact one of these teachers for help, use the personal email of the teacher or talk to them in person. The Comprehensive Prevention Planning Initiative will come into full bloom next semester, where student-led initiatives, resources, and more will be available to the Upper School student body at Westminster.