Westminster’s Homecoming dance made formal

After Westminster’s long past of organizing an informal Homecoming dance, the results of the survey sent out by each grade’s student government representatives were expected to be the same as in past years. However, this year, there was a serious divide among the four grades. The sophomores and juniors wanted an informal dance, while the freshmen and seniors wanted formal. In the end, seniority broke the tie; the Homecoming dance was decidedly formal.

Similar to previous years, the dance revolved around a theme to get the entire high school involved. This year’s theme was the Roaring 20s or The Great Gatsby. The question on everyone’s mind is if this change will become a trend in the future or if Westminster will return to its traditional informal Homecoming of years past. Instead of its usual location on the patio between the campus center and the bookstore, this year’s dance took place in the Aux Gym in Turner. Decorations corresponding to the theme could be seen around the far basketball court along with music playing from the large speakers. 

“I was super excited because I’ve never been to a Homecoming dance before and the idea of dressing up sounded super fun,” said freshmen Leighton Harris. She voted in favor of a formal dance.

Not all students felt so positively about the dance at first.

“I felt a little frustrated because Homecoming is typically informal, and dressing up is a bit of a hassle, but I think there will be a nicer setup,” said sophomore Eloisa Bloom. 

Nonetheless, after the night of Oct. 13, Homecoming made a lasting impression on Bloom as she explained that she would love to dress up with all of her friends again in the future.

Edited by Sophia Cunningham