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Building community one post at a time: the Westminster Fans Instagram account

The Westminster Fans Instagram Account; used to promote games, recognize athlete’s achievements, and highlight certain events.

Founded by the Class of 2020, the Westminster Fans Instagram page is the go-to spot for the latest news on upcoming athletic events and theatrical performances. The account, with over 1,500 followers, specifically creates an online platform to encourage students to support their classmates. This year, their goal is to post more consistently, shining a spotlight on Westminster sports and fostering a strong sense of community while spreading positivity and awareness.

The students running the Westminster Fans Instagram account include seniors Fain Barton, Brooks Beach, Mary Kent Bowen, Jett Hartley, Cameron Hill, Phillips Moore, and Harper Pemberton. They attend almost all athletic events, providing score updates and sharing pictures and fun memories for those unable to attend.

To get the position senior year, juniors express their interest as well as list their qualifications. Senior Brooks Beach shared that he was inspired to help run the account from his brother, who had been a part of the team managing the account a few years back. Additionally, Beach found motivation through his passion for WCAT and supporting his peers at sporting events. Senior Mary Kent Bowen was interested because of her involvement in athletics teams at Westminster such as cross country and rowing, her experience with social media, and her current role, running the Westminster Girls Cross Country Instagram account, @wms_sisterhood.

Westminster fans who miss a game or two can catch up by following the account, which aims to cover every event through attendance by an account manager or coverage from others.

“An important part of this role is either attending all of the athletic events or ensuring that someone else is going so we can get coverage for the account,” said Bowen. “If none of us can go, it is important to reach out to other people who went to ensure that every sport is equally accounted for.”

Last year, the Westminster Fans Instagram account posted only a few stories and posts; however, the new group plans to post more frequently and make the account more interesting. One way that the team is ensuring that this goal is met is through running polls and competitions, such as peer voting for a “fan of the week.”

“One of our main goals this year is to post much more,” said Moore. “We plan to be more active on the account and make it more lively and vibrant.”

The Westminster Fans account helps to unite the community at Westminster. All members of the Westminster community, including parents and young children, can participate in Westminster Spirit and be aware of the status of different sports teams at Westminster. Westminster’s squash coach, Celia Pashley, brought her son to the superhero-themed football game; he was dressed in Captain America gear and sporting a big smile the whole time.

Sophomore Lilya Elchahal says that she appreciates the account because it keeps her in the loop about campus happenings.

“I like how the account brings students together outside of school and is a great opportunity for people to come together,” said Elchahal.

Sophomore Amy Schumacher agrees, but she would like to see a wider coverage of all sports.

“I like the account because it keeps all the students involved and lets everyone know what is happening on campus,” said Schumacher. “But I definitely think that they should cover more underrepresented sports.”

Sophomore Jacob Jacquot agreed, adding that he wants more cross country representation. To address this concern, the account is introducing a newer feature called Team Takeovers.

“We want everyone to get to know the teams better,” said Moore. “Also, we want to address all the sports we offer since we are such a diverse school.”

This feature will allow all teams to give updates and answer questions about their season, providing greater coverage for these sports teams.

As the Westminster Fans Instagram account continues to evolve and implement new ideas, it will undoubtedly continue to play an essential role in building a stronger community at Westminster.

Edited by Anjini Naidu

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