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Introducing new faculty at Westminster

Mr. Mosteller is one of the many new teachers at Westminster this year. He is a history teacher, an assistant coach for the Girl’s Rowing Team, and helps with Model UN. Credit: Brij Vyas

As the fall semester has commenced, Westminster has welcomed a new group of educators to the Upper School, with each member representing a variety of viewpoints and knowledge in distinct subjects. As of the start of this school year, these educators have fully stepped into the swing of things, becoming ingrained, full-fledged members of the Westminster Wildcat community.

 One such addition, Ben Mosteller, joins the history department, teaching both History of the Ancient World and History of the Modern World. Moving to Atlanta from Washington D.C., Mosteller formerly taught AP World History and Human Geography at a K-12 independent school. Mosteller holds to his teaching philosophy of ensuring that all types of learners feel comfortable with being themselves and are given a proper chance to show their strengths through various forms of assessments. 

“I try to mix up activities and assessments to appeal to all types of learners and challenge them appropriately,” said Mosteller. “From oral assessments to simulations and in-class essays, in my classroom, you’ll see assessing in lots of ways beyond traditional tests.”

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Mosteller enjoys spending time with his one-year-old and three-year-old daughters, as well as cooking. His favorite thing to do is travel, as he formerly lived in Australia.

Around the Upper School, you can find him on the third floor of Campbell. This coming spring season, he expresses excitement about the opportunity to help as an assistant coach for the Westminster Varsity Girls’ Rowing Team. 

In the English department, Asha Dawson was welcomed to teach ninth and tenth-grade English from the third floor of Askew. Prior to teaching at Westminster, she taught a similar high school English course in Delaware. Before starting anew at Westminster, Dawson took a year off teaching to explore starting her own business as an event planner. 

Outside of school, Dawson enjoys exploring Atlanta, hanging out on the Beltline, and discovering new trails while hiking. She often listens to music in her free time, namely Doja Cat. She loves to travel and discover new cultures, a feat she often accomplishes through books.

Another addition to Westminster faculty, Adam Wood, takes on teaching math in the Upper School. This year, he is teaching three sections of Honors Precalculus and Trigonometry and one section of Multivariable Calculus. Formerly living in Minnesota in the Twin Cities and teaching high school math at a private school, Wood moved to Atlanta on account of his wife’s job. He is currently an assistant coach for Middle School cross country but loves the sport of cross-country skiing. Despite the slight climate difference, he is excited to explore life and hobbies in Atlanta.

“I don’t know how much cross-country skiing I can do in Atlanta, but I am discovering new, more climate-appropriate hobbies here,” said Wood on differences between Minnesota and Atlanta.

Wood describes his teaching philosophy as guiding students to understand concepts through examples and encouraging questions. 

Throughout the departments, Westminster welcomes a total of ten new faculty members. 

In the English department, new teachers Maggie Bailey and Reid Hamilton join the Wildcat community, along with department chair Jesse Breite, who is welcomed back after three years away teaching at a boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina. Other new faculty include Matt Hixenbaugh in the History department, Kelly Tracy and Christina Snyder in the Science department, and Edda Lieja as a Spanish teacher in the Language department. 

Be sure to give these teachers a warm welcome as you see them around campus in the coming months.

Edited by Selena Patel

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