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Jeff Hensal, beloved security team member, retires after 22 years


The beloved Jeff Hensal is retiring from the Westminster security team after 22 years of service and dedication to the campus. Hensal’s main job on campus consists of keeping people safe. He addresses security calls and risks from people all over the campus, allowing Westminster to host events and work as a well-oiled machine. If someone gets lost, hurt, or has an urgent question, Hensal and his team assist them.

Not only does security help facilitate traffic on campus, but they additionally ensure the safety of every student and faculty member. Without the hard work of Hensal and his security team, students would not even be able to participate in events like graduation. 

The security team helps improve the quality of instruction and ability to learn by building safe and positive relationships conducive to learning. Although Hensal and his team primarily work behind the scenes, their work is invaluable towards building a warm and welcoming community at Westminster. In order to excel at his job, Hensal is required to keep up with his training and maintain security licenses. 

Hensal works as the liaison between the Atlanta Police Department and Westminster, allowing students and faculty to understand the wide variety of protection they have on campus. 

“This job is a service job, and some people are meant to help people,” said Hensal.

While Westminster benefits from Hensal’s hard work, he also claims that this is his dream job and mutually beneficial to him. Since being a kid, all he ever wanted to do was become a cop one day. His love for helping people in tough situations has since grown his enthusiasm for his line of work. 

Hensal allows Westminster and its students to achieve their full potential without worrying about their safety. His role on this campus is invaluable, and the Westminster community is grateful for Hensal’s commitment. 

He also stresses that the students have made a positive impact on his experience at Westminster and they respect him and he respects his job. After many years of instilling safety and security into our community, he says that when he retires, the Westminster community will be the part he misses the most. Hensal also mentions that the good Lord gave him the opportunity to be a part of the Westminster family. 

Hensal’s future successor will certainly have big shoes to fill regarding his unmatched zeal for his job. 

“Westminster is the nicest place I have been stationed at with the police,” says Hensal. “There are a lot of not-so-nice places you have to see as a police officer, but Westminster is just the opposite.”

The Westminster community will sincerely miss Mr. Jeff Hensal and wishes him luck wherever he may follow next.

Edited by Selena Patel

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