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Enchanted Garden Unveiled: A Magical Night at Westminster School’s Prom

The grandeur of prom night at Westminster School is a cherished tradition, eagerly anticipated by students and faculty alike. This year, on the evening of April 6, the Pressly foyer and the outdoor quad were transformed into this year’s theme, “Enchanted Garden.” A product of effort from the Junior class, the theme of Enchanted Garden was brought to life with cascading flowers flowing down the staircase and third floor banister, golden butterflies on the walls, and whimsical decorations adorning every corner. As the night unfolded, the Pressly foyer was filled with laughter, music, and shared memories, leaving a remarkable impression on all its attendees.

The meticulous planning of the event spearheaded by the junior class was executed under the guidance of the six student government class officers and grade chairs. Augie Bunting, one of the class officers, shed light on the behind-the-scenes efforts that went into bringing the Enchanted Garden theme to life for this year’s prom. 

“The first thing we did was go through some catalogs to find possible themes, and then we had our grade vote on the themes,” said Bunting. “The winning vote was Enchanted Garden, so the Junior class officers started searching for decorations to fit the theme.” 

Amidst the fairy-tale ambiance, however, there were challenges to overcome. Bunting revealed the unexpected hurdles encountered with invitations. 

“Invitations were an issue because we printed out a bunch of stickers for the addresses, but half of them were for underclassmen,” said Bunting. “ We had to scrap all of those envelopes and then rewrite a bunch of stuff by hand. It was a terrible process. We ended up not even getting them out before prom.”

Despite these obstacles, the team rallied together, dividing up the tasks and ensuring that every detail was meticulously planned. The entire grade got together to finish preparations, from blowing up balloons to decorating Pressly foyer. The grade’s efforts were attested by the beautiful decor and events of that night.

Senior Emma Snyder and juniors Anna Wickliffe and John Overend shared their reflections on prom. Wickliffe expressed her delight in the decorations that adorned Pressly, proclaiming that they fit seamlessly with the Enchanted Gardens theme. She marveled at seeing her peers dressed to the nines, their elegance adding to the allure of the evening. 

“I thought that the decorations were really fun, and I loved the way that Pressly was decorated,” said Wickliffe. “It was really cute, and the theme was great. I loved seeing everyone dressed up and looking their best.”

Overand echoed her sentiments, particularly praising the inclusion of disposable cameras which added an element of fun and spontaneity to capturing moments during the event. 

“The disposable cameras were such a good idea,” said Overand. “They were so much fun. I took a lot of good pictures with my friends using the cameras.”

Snyder felt sentimental that she wouldn’t be able to attend next year, but still had a great time at prom this year.

“It was definitely bittersweet since it was my last one, but I had so much fun seeing everyone and dancing with friends.”

The overwhelming sentiment was one of satisfaction and joy. Many students lamented the brevity of the event, even suggesting extending the duration of prom or delaying the start of the after-party to ensure that the festivities lasted well into the night. To end the interview, Wickliffe and Overand fondly reminisced about the balloon drop, a climactic moment that capped off the night with a burst of color and excitement.

As the Enchanted Gardens prom drew to a close, it proved to be an enchanting experience that served as a nice break from the stressful school semester for this year’s junior and senior classes. The night’s shared memories will surely be remembered for years to come. With each passing year, Westminster’s prom continues to be a valuable tradition, crafting moments of laughter and pure fun for its students.


Edited by Anjini Naidu

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