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Dear Kelly,
Recently I’ve started hanging out with a new group of people that includes both boys and girls. I’ve tried to tell my mom about this, but she still thinks that I only hang out with girls, and she tries to tell me who to hang out with. I really want my mom to understand that I’m growing up and have new friends that include boys, but lying to her seems easier.  
Dishonest Daisy

Dear Daisy,
If there’s anything I’ve learned from my four years in high school, lying is NEVER the best option.  Your mom just needs some time to adjust to the fact that you’re growing up and that you have the ability to make new friends.  I would suggest taking her out to lunch so you guys can have a mature conversation about your disagreement and so you can show her that even though you have new friends, you’re still the same little girl she’s always known.  Hope everything turns out ok!

Dear Kelly,
I’m a sophomore dating a upperclassmen. We haven’t told anyone yet. Outside of school he’s always really sweet and texts me and we hang out a lot. The only problem is, when we’re at school, he won’t even acknowledge me! I’ll walk by him in the hallways when he’s with his friends and he won’t say “hi” or even look in my direction. I really like him, so how should I handle our “secret” relationship?
Secretly In Love Suzie

Dear Suzie,
This boy sounds pretty shady if you ask me. The fact that he wants to keep your relationship a secret could mean that he’s ashamed of you, or that he just wants to keep his options open, and either way, this will only be hurtful to you in the long run. You should confront him and ask him if he’s serious about your relationship. If he is, tell him you want to be official or that your relationship is over.  If he really is the sweet boy you say he is, he should have no problem telling his friends about you guys.  Just because you’re younger doesn’t mean you can’t take charge in your relationship!

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