10 ways to not be basic in Buckhead

1. Acknowledge that the Basic Buckhead Bubble exists and is a strong, homogenous force that threatens the individuality and hipness of every Westminster student.
2. Find places in Atlanta to hang out that don’t include Way Pay.
3. Invest in an out-of-school wardrobe that doesn’t include athletic shorts, oversized t-shirts and rainbows.
4. Vacation in places other than Hilton Head, SeaSide or your lake house.
5. Think about going to a college outside the Southeast.
6. Invest in a bag that is not an LL Bean backpack or a Longchamp (note: you’re especially basic if you cannot properly pronounce Longchamp).
7. Don’t Instagram photos of the Chaco tan that you strangely think is cool and insta-worthy, the sunset from your mountain house or your TBT from two weeks ago.
8. Drive a car other than a Jeep, Range Rover or Highlander…or any SUV.
9. Develop your music taste so that it does not only include the Top 100 and the latest Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean.
10. Realize that Buckhead is in Atlanta, but that Buckhead is not all there is to Atlanta.
11. Bonus: Please don’t tell me more about how unique and interesting your less-than-a-month and-a-half trip over the summer on RTH or with your church group changed your world. Please don’t post any more pictures on social media of you with a bunch of minority children. We all know you miss them terribly and they surely miss you too.