Neighborhood Spotlight on Cabbagetown

       Atlanta, like many cities, is made up of a diverse and oftentimes eclectic assortment of neighborhoods, one of the most interesting of which is Cabbagetown. If the name isn’t enough to pique your interest and tip you off that this neighborhood is different than most, a visit will most definitely do the trick.

      You can enter Cabbagetown through the Krog Street Tunnel, which connects the neighborhood to Inman Park. The Tunnel is noted for ever-changing layers of graffiti; not just tags, but often full-blown masterpieces rendered in spray paint.

        Once you’ve moved on from marveling at the graffiti-covered tunnel, you’ll find yourself in a neighborhood of postage stamp lawns and small houses, most of which are designated as historic and many of which look like small-scale Victorian houses. They are, in a word, charming.

Adding to the delightful vibe are stop signs with wooden leaves attached to the poles that transform them into large, octagonal flowers and street art and murals to be discovered as you round corners. Additonally, Esther “Peachy” Lefevre Park is a great place to take younger siblings or to indulge your inner child. I speak from experience when I say that the modern, sculptural climbing equipment is a lot of fun.

          The origin of the name “Cabbagetown” is debated, but it seems generally agreed that it stems either from Appalachian settlers who grew cabbage in their front yards and boiled it so often that the whole neighborhood smelled like boiled cabbage, or from a truck that was loaded with cabbage and crashed in the streets of the neighborhood, providing every neighbor with an ample share of the vegetable. Currently, there’s no lingering smell of cabbage, but the wafting scents from the restaurants on Carroll Street definitely will whet your appetite. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, you can stop at Little’s, an old-fashioned grocery store and burger counter that has been in the same location since its establishment in 1927. For dessert, my recommendation is Sweet Cheats, a bakery on Kirkwood Avenue that specializes in cupcakes and cake pops. They have some of the more creative and visually appealing cupcakes of all the boutique bakeries I’ve seen, and everything I have tried has been nothing short of delicious.

      Overall, if you’re looking for a place a step outside of the Buckhead Bubble where you can take in some public art, wander, and eat delicious food, or play in a park like a little kid, Cabbagetown may be the place for you. I definitely recommend you check it out if you have a free weekend or are looking for something to do over the upcoming Christmas break.