How Stacey Abrams has mastered politics

Stacey Abrams, a long time Georgia icon has quickly outpaced her local stardom and become a national phenomenon. I am embarrassed to say when I met her in 2017 at the start of her campaign, I regarded her as nothing remarkable, however when I witnessed how her unconquerable spirit inspires her to make a speech that ignites the passion and heightens the commitment her campaign staff, her sheer and remarkable intelligence was undeniable — Stacey is something special. The prospect of the first black female governor of Georgia brought national attention to her gubernatorial race. Stacey gained an immediate and devoted fanbase — fame equaled only to that of our most revered of leaders. In reality, excepting her gubernatorial run, the bulk of her resume consists of being Minority Leader in Georgia’s House of Representatives, a position not traditionally associated with political celebrity. The question remains evident: how has she achieved this level of prominence? Having observed and worked alongside her, I’ll venture these three defining factors of her success: masterful storytelling, prodigious intelligence, and staggering ambition.
Working on a political campaign is an invigorating experience and provides one with real insight into the candidate for which they advocate. However, there is an undeniable repetition — hearing the same speeches on repeat for roughly a year. Nevertheless, Stacey has mastered the formula of political speechmaking. Undoubtedly this is how her speeches will progress; first, she begins with a personal story likely of her childhood and family experience, then she’ll connect this to specific policy action that could have eased her or her family’s troubles, and finally conclude with a description of why this has launched her into politics and specifically a race for governor. And every time I’ve seen this masterful formula manifest, likely north of 30 occasions, Stacey never fails to connect, leading some into tears, some into wild applause and almost all to the polls. This can only be truly characterized as adroit politics. Her ability to weave stories of her life and connect them with action plans communicates with voters in a most unique fashion. While some political addresses are filled with empty promises, Representative Abrams can elicit links with everyone in a room while also instilling confidence in her ability to provide vision and leadership.
Stacey Abrams is undeniably brilliant. Not only has she been educated in the country’s most formidable institutions, attending law school at Yale University, part of an amazing class that also includes New Jersey Senator Corey Booker. Stacey has a keen ability to easily adjust her style of speech, ensuring her message is accessible to her audience. Stacey’s intellectual versatility, allows her to explain complex policy in a fashion that compels the average voter.
In 2017, Stacey began with a lofty and seemingly unachievable goal — becoming the first black female governor in the country, in the notoriously red state of Georgia. The odds were not in her favor. Yet her campaign amassed the support of the most influential people in the country and shifted Georgia, a historically partisan locked state, into a swing state. The final polling numbers show Stacey getting 45.8% of the vote, a breathtaking number. Her success was unimaginable and stunned those who were foreign to the remarkable force that she is. However, her gravitas and determination stirred the entire state and fired up the country.
All of these virtues have lead Stacey to become one of the most influential Democrats of the generation. Despite her significant statewide position, but nationally low profile role, Stacey’s fierce combination of personal qualities have earned her a place among the leaders of the party. The most monumental display of her overwhelming success was her selection to deliver the Democratic response to the president’s State of The Union Address. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other leading Democrats have seen in her the unique mastery of these skills which I have been the fortunate witness to during her campaign. In politics, losing a race can be the beginning of much bigger things. While Stacey may have lost the Gubernatorial race, we can all be assured this is hardly the last we will see of Stacey Abrams. At present, her concern is not about how to get back into politics, she’s solidified that position, it is where within the realm she will go — she is capable of far more than Governor and this time she should aim higher. With the upcoming Georgia Senate Race, one can only remain hopeful she dares to build off her momentum and establish herself as the next leader Georgia and our country, desperately needs.