What your Chick-Fil-A order says about you

If you’re anything like me, you love Chick-fil-A. You look forward to dinner whenever you know that you get to indulge in your go-to order, and you don’t mind waiting in the drive-thru line because Chick-fil-A is your happy place. As often as I go there, I have noticed quite a few things about people and what they order. And as a disclaimer, don’t take anything personally. I love every item on the menu, so every choice is a good one. 

First off we have the original chicken sandwich, the most popular item on the menu (it’s the #1 for a reason!). We’ve all had it and I’ve never met someone who hasn’t enjoyed it. If this is your go-to, you’re a person of simple taste, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You probably haven’t tried anything else on the menu because I can assure you that once you branch out, there is no going back. Most people who order this are either teenagers or middle-aged men. 

Branching out from the original chicken sandwich, we have the spicy chicken sandwich. If you order this, congratulations, you’re the best kind of person! Well, I may be biased because this is my go-to order, but if this is your favorite item on the menu, I’d say you’re a risk taker! You probably saw it on the menu one day, thought to yourself, “I like spicy food,” took the risk of trying it and ended up enjoying it! I can assure you that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked. Every sandwich comes with a deluxe option, meaning that it also has cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce, which brings us to the spicy grilled deluxe sandwich. It’s the newest limited edition item on the menu, and it is amazing. If this is your go-to, you are the life of the party. You love to have fun, you keep up with the latest trends, and you look forward to trying new things. But don’t get too attached to it, because it’s only limited edition, so it’ll be gone before you know it.

Next we have chicken nuggets and strips. If you order nuggets regularly, you’re probably on the younger side and grew up ordering them in kid’s meals and you never felt like switching to anything else. You’re definitely a fun and playful person who also probably orders chicken minis during breakfast (which is arguably the best item on the breakfast menu). But on the other hand, if you get grilled nuggets, you’re definitely a put together and serious person. Most people order this for one of two reasons: it’s healthier (well it’s really not but it’s okay to try to justify your guilty pleasures), or they simply enjoy the taste of chicken without breading. If you order chicken strips from Chick-fil-A, you are 100 percent the same person who goes to a fancy restaurant  just to order chicken tenders and fries because you know exactly what you like and you don’t stray away from it. That’s not a bad thing though! You’re committed to your favorite foods! 

If you order a salad at Chick-fil-A, you confuse me. In my mind, you go there for chicken, so I guess ordering a salad with chicken on it makes sense, but I feel like it’s one of the  only items on the menu where chicken isn’t the primary ingredient. You are definitely on the healthier side and you probably enjoy your weekly trips to SoulCycle or that 15-minute period of time you reserve every night for yoga or meditating. But the salads are great, especially with the avocado lime dressing, so I would highly recommend any of them. 

If you order the grilled chicken cool wrap, you are a peaceful person. I feel like your favorite flavor of ice cream is probably vanilla, and you like to read. You’re an idealist and I feel like you get along with everyone. You wear Lululemon more often than not, spend your car rides listening to The 1975, and if I was like you, I would 100 percent have a superiority complex, but I don’t think you do. 

If you order fries, and only fries, you’re probably a vegetarian or only go to Chick-fil-A when you want a snack or when your friends drag you there, an idea that is so foreign to me because you’ll never find someone more ready to go to Chick-fil-A at any time than me. Sometimes I make the trip solely for a large fries and a cookie. But the fries always hit the spot, so it’s ok, I understand. But back to the main idea: your favorite type of fries is definitely waffle fries (because otherwise you could get fries from literally any other fast food restaurant), probably because you relate to them. This might sound ridiculous, but hear me out. Half of your fries are “missing” from the holes, but maybe they aren’t, presenting a question similar to the “is the glass half empty or half full” question. You’re probably an ambivert, you contemplate life’s biggest questions when you can’t sleep, and you’re probably an overthinker. I think one of the best parts about Chick-fil-A is that there truly is something for everyone. If you’re vegetarian, there are salads, fries, fruit cups, and macaroni and cheese. And with everything on the menu being customizable, it makes creating your perfect meal that much easier. If you get macaroni and cheese, I’m guessing that you’re a Pisces, but if you aren’t, you definitely have a Peter Pan complex (to put it most simply, it’s the desire to stay young and hold on to childhood forever in order to avoid future responsibilities). 

As far as milkshakes go, I’d say Chick-fil-A has some of the best. The flavor you get typically correlates with your favorite ice cream flavor, but I’m an exception to that so you may be, too (I love the strawberry milkshake, but my favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream). If your favorite flavor is vanilla, you enjoy the simple things in life. I can also see you as a very honest and straight-up person. You’re a realist, but you still look on the bright side of all things. If you get chocolate, you’re a very fun and loyal person. I remember reading somewhere that chocolate is one of those flavors that people stick to no matter what, so they are loyal to the flavor which teaches them to be loyal to all things. If you get strawberry, you are a very social and sweet person. You love being around people and telling stories. Lastly, if you get cookies and cream, you’re probably on the shyer side and are a great listener, but you’re also indecisive. I mean, you couldn’t choose between the cookies or the cream, so you just got both.

Chick-fil-A truly is such a wonderful restaurant and never disappoints. I can eat it five times a week and never get tired of it. With the extensive menu, there are so many amazing options for so many different types of people, and what you order says a lot about you. Even the simplest of orders can subconsciously distinguish you from other people.