Glee’s Revenge Tour: Circa 2022

Recently, NBC’s hit show, Glee, has become the talk of the town once again. Although the last episode aired in 2015, the show could still be considered current pop culture due to its strong fanbase and relatable content. However, this raises the question, “Where did the rise of Glee’s sudden renewed popularity come from?” 

Some argue that the sudden popularity comes from recently being added to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney Plus. It is possible that because of the younger age of Disney Plus subscribers in comparison to Netflix subscribers, this could be the first time most Disney Plus users have ever viewed Glee. However, I think that the revival of Glee is more than just a change in streaming services. The first obvious reason for Glee’s recent rise to popularity is social media, specifically TikTok and Twitter. In 2020, a meme of Sue Sylvester, who is played by Jane Lynch in the show, saying, “I am going to create an environment that is so toxic”  surfaced, and soon, thousands of people were creating their own version. Clips of the show have been shared on Twitter, and more importantly on TikTok. It is hard for certain users to avoid coming across a Glee-related TikTok when opening the app. It could be something as simple as a 10-second clip from a scene, the use of a cover for a TikTok, or users reenacting a scene from the show. Another reason for its recent popularity is the basis of the show. Its messy, blunt, and very relatable characters create a draw to the show. The awkwardness and chaos of the show are funny, and viewers love watching it for a laugh but also to drag it through the mud and then continue watching it. That’s right, the messiness of Glee is part of its revival. The outrageousness of the show appeals to viewers because they can look back at a scene and laugh at how utterly stupid it is. Seven years ago, certain things on television were not as shocking to us, and now, as time has passed, we sometimes wonder how the craziness of Glee was even able to be aired on national television. Finally, recently, Lea Michele, who played a lead role in the show, was given the role of Fanny Brice, in the Broadway musical revival, Funny Girl. Those who watched Glee know that a major plot line was Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry, achieving her dream of playing Fanny Brice, Barbra Streisand’s signature role, on Broadway. The parallels between Rachel Berry and Lea Michele are uncanny and have attracted lots of attention from previous fans, therefore making Glee commonly discussed again as she revamps her role of Fanny Brice. 

Overall, the two main reasons Glee has become popular again is social media and time. Because of the ability to share scenes through social media, more consumers have viewed scenes of Glee and have become interested. As time has passed since the air date of the premiere, the show has become more dated than what modern viewers are used to, using its chaos to grasp the attention of younger generations.

Edited by Presley Tsang