My top five Christmas movies

Some of these are ranked highly just because of the nostalgia.

1. A Christmas Story (1983)

Ralphie Parker, a somewhat precocious and delusional kid, fantasizes about getting a “Red Ryder air rifle” for Christmas. However, he faces two major impediments (partly which he creates himself): grouchy dad (to whom he refers as “Old Man”) and a teacher that makes his nightmares come to life. 

His quest for the perfect Christmas gift results in a slew of shenanigans and gaffes that add to the story’s charm. The film capitalizes on the “chaotic family Christmas” theme (similar to Home Alone), complete with absurdity and wild characters.

This film is a timeless classic. It’s extremely well done, and every moment is entertaining. Plus, watching this as a kid, Ralphie was just totally relatable. You have to respect his game and dedication. He clearly understands that Christmas is about the benefits (I’m kidding), not the wholesomeness, love, or what it is about.


2. Home Alone (1990)

I don’t think I need to explain this one. Everyone needs to watch Home Alone. This isn’t just a Christmas movie, it’s part of your education. This is what it means to be cultured. I’m a diehard Home Alone fan and have seen every movie, but of course, the OG is unequivocally the best.

The robbers might be bad, but Kevin is badder. I think what really makes this movie a Christmas movie is when Kevin trips the robbers with the ornaments. There are some pretty cute scenes in the movie too, like when Kevin spends time with the sweet old dude at the church. Despite the robber scenes, the movie still captures the Christmas ambience well through the enticing cinematography. Plus we always played the Home Alone theme song during the Christmas concert in orchestra. 

Warning: This movie may awaken your inner sadist. I laughed a little too hard during the spider scene.


3. Elf (2003)

To be honest, this could be number one. Elf is undoubtedly one of the greatest films of all time. It’s one of the few films that anyone can watch. The entire film is chaotic, but it still manages to achieve a warm Christmas-y feeling at the end. The first time I saw Will Ferrell in tights as an elf felt like a fever dream, but it’s one of those movies you grow to love just because. Some parts made me want to cry (yes, I felt bad for Will Ferrell in tights), but most parts made me laugh out loud. Every scene is entertaining, and I can’t wait to watch it again.


4. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1964)

Charlie Brown is a loser. He owns the Diary of a Wimpy Kid genre. The lovely holiday that is Christmas doesn’t change this fact. Charlie Brown’s loser-ness helps entertain audiences alongside Snoopy’s ludicrous slap-stick comedy. This is the classic you watch every year because of the nostalgia it evokes. Maybe a few (outliers) people might call it “vapid,” but there are some deeper meanings that are investigated (about consumerism) and finding the “true” meaning of Christmas. 


5. White Christmas (1954)

The first time I watched this movie was in sixth-grade chorus, and I barely understood what was going on (probably because of my poor attention span). I just loved the music (too bad if you’re not a musical fan), bad cinematography, creativity, and originality. The plot is all over the place, but it’s romantic and cheery. It’s the movie you watch late at night with hot chocolate by a toasty fire and fall asleep to. 

Warning: You’ll be singing “White Christmas” for the rest of the month.

Edited by Eleanor Knight