Westminster athletics’ newest platform

Westminster Athletic Media is new to Westminster this year, and the impact we have made on the school so far is, I think, immeasurable. 

From the start, Caroline Dolan and I have been super passionate about this and what goes on behind the scenes. We didn’t have an Instagram page until about November, but even before that we were working on events like the Pigskin Picnic and other major community functions. Our first big project was the Westminster v. Lovett football game in November, and we even went to Lovett the Tuesday before the game to plan out our shots and angles. After this, we started posting, and people started following the Instagram page. Caroline and I are behind any video and most photos you will see on Instagram, which is a challenge between the two of us. We have spent countless hours in Turner behind the camera to get the content you see. And that is not to say we haven’t encountered our fair share of hoops to go through. Obviously, the first hoop was getting the account itself, which took two months and so many meetings between our faculty advisor Katie Christy and the communications team. 

As many do not know, we have an athletic Twitter page. No one knows about it/ follows it, so we wanted something new. After we finally got an Instagram page, we pretty quickly realized we didn’t have any materials: no camera, no microphone, no nothing. Therefore, just days before the Lovett game, we got the few necessary equipment pieces, and that’s what we still have today. Turns out it’s harder to get money than you would think, but with what we had, we did the best we could at the Lovett game and loved every single moment of it. Flash forward to Thanksgiving when we made our first real video about athletes and their favorite holiday traditions, and the account started to take off. It took a lot of coordination between students, coaches, and schedules, but we made it happen. Only once we finished, there was about two hours of editing to do. That goes for any video we make, but we love what we do. 

We are so passionate about this, and we love to see the page gain popularity and see what it will become one day, with more team members (and money). Caroline and I have put countless hours into this, but we honestly enjoy all of the ups and downs. You’ve probably seen us at one point or another at an athletic event with a camera in our hands, and we hope for nothing more than for all audiences to also enjoy what we do and appreciate our posts. 

Edited by Helen Slawson