Summer Fashion Trends

With the influx of TikTok, Instagram, and other social media, it appears that we are experiencing microtrends and fads on a fairly consistent basis. Well, what’s up for this summer? 

I’ve noticed a lot of retro styles (from the 1980s and 1990s making a comeback) recently, from Target to mall retail stores like Windsor. I see a lot of corset tops, denim, and chainmail skirts. The chainmail skirts, however, I doubt will last. I mentioned the 1980s because I’ve also noticed a lot of metallics lately, mostly in the form of leather. My TikTok is full of sequin skirts, gold jackets, and lightweight lamé blouses. These types of styles should probably be paired with something more plain and basic, such as plain white tees or straight leg jeans. No one wants to look at their “cool aunt” or Lady Gaga.

Among the weirdest things I have previewed have to be all-denim outfits and Mermaidcore. Denim-coordinating outfits, as well as knee-high boots, bucket hats, and shoulder bags from the 2000s, appear to be popular. If you don’t want to wear all denim, you can opt for a denim scrunchy, just jeans, or a jean jacket. On that note, high-waist wide-leg jeans from the 1970s have made a comeback. In order to match with these types of pants, it’s a good idea to wear a button-up shirt or a short plain white tee. I don’t think these pants are very inclusive of short people, so we’ll be the ones wearing mid-rise or low-rise. Better luck next trend.

Going with the metallics and the upcoming release of The Little Mermaid, I’ve seen shimmery ocean-toned and silver apparel, as well as net dresses and tops, at department stores. On Instagram I’ve come across siren-inspired makeup and ocean ombre eyeshadow. It’s recommended to be a little more daring because you can do whatever you want that gives mermaid vibes: wearing sequin aqua midi skirts with clamshell pleated tops, for example. Bathing suits will undoubtedly be interesting to see.

You’ve most likely seen a lot of frills and floral clothing. If you don’t like it, too bad, because this type of colorful, vibrant, and variegated trend will continue into the summer. Now we’re also experimenting with neon and colorful blurred patterns. By blurred, I mean a mixture of ombre and tie-dye. I’m curious to see what Lilly Pulitzer will come back with.

The shoes coming this summer are a tad lame, if you ask me. Ballet flats? Come on. Apparently, they are making ballet flats with more support so they won’t squeeze your foot as much. That sounds like the same lie Apple tells us when they release an iPhone every year. “Better battery support! It won’t break in two years!” etc. Some things never change. 

The ballet flats kind of match the current trend of shades of brown. We’re combining boomer with “chic” business casual. The result? We get clothing in the shades of hair highlights: olive toned, sandy beige, chocolate, or warm caramel apparel that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Finally, the last trend that has been rumored is “Quiet Luxury.” The name of this trend makes it hard to take it seriously, especially when it comes from celebrity nepos and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Edited by Eleanor Knight