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A trip to NYC

At this point, I consider myself a seasoned New York City tourist. I am writing this a day after being stranded in the city on the Creating Community trip. However distressing the whole “our flight was canceled and now we have to fly Spirit” situation was, I will never take a day in NYC for granted. Nobody should take the Big Apple for granted, and so this is my guide to New York City for those who have been and those who really really need to go. 

Let’s cover the basics first: where to stay and how to get around. Hotels in the city are everywhere, and I don’t have a favorite. It really depends on what you want and where you want it. For any first timers, I recommend staying near the Times Square or Central Park area. You can also go a little farther from Times Square and into the Upper East Side. That lends itself the best to classic sightseeing (i.e., Broadway shows, Times Square, Central Park, and 5th Avenue). For those who are not new to the city, I would recommend somewhere between SoHo and Chelsea. If you’re really seasoned though, it shouldn’t matter where you stay – just hop on the subway. My favorite area to stay is probably SoHo because it’s out of the annoying tourist scene but full of activities. I just wouldn’t recommend SoHo if you can’t subway. And the subway is really hard, guys. But it is the best way to get around. Cabs are expensive and usually end up taking longer (depending on where you’re going). If you can handle it, take the subway.

Now, arguably the most important part of the whole trip – food. What you eat in New York is dependent on the vibes. Insomnia cookies on the streets of Morningside Heights in the rain was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. A corn dog from a stand by the Met steps tasted better than a Waffle House waffle at midnight. Suspicious sushi from (most likely) a money laundering store gave me enough life to survive the July heat. Sadly, some of the best restaurants I’ve been to in New York have been on random nights, so I do not know the names. The ones I love the most, that I can name, have to be Vida Carota and Marseille for dinner and Chelsea Market or Balthazar for lunch/brunch. A few other great food places would have to be the Starbucks Roastery with their cold brew float, the hot dog stand outside the Met, and the little airport stores at La Guardia. 

As for places to visit, the list is long, so I’m going to break it down as simply as I can. Each item on the lists below is an amazing addition to a trip to NYC, so pick one list if you like the concept or one from each list if you want to see it all.

Art: for those who want to stare Ferris Bueller-style at some of the best works in the world

  1. The Met (Upper East Side): Absolutely amazing with a wide variety of pieces from across the world–whether you wander or go through a guided tour, the Met never disappoints. And you can get a Gossip Girl photo on the steps.
  2. The Frick (Upper East Side): My personal favorite museum in the city with the architecture itself being half the attraction. The Vermeers are an absolute smash, and they find phenomenal temporary exhibitions.
  3. The Morgan Library and Museum: Books and art! Atmospherically phenomenal with a worthwhile wander through.


  1. SoHo: The absolute best place in the city for aesthetic and extensive money spending. Would recommend the Brandy Melville, Aritzia, Glossier, and Nike stores. Milkbar is also phenomenal when you get shopped-out and need a snack. 
  2. Upper East Side: When in need of stores where everything is too expensive, but probably worth it, head over to 5th Ave. You can also find some of the most fun street pop-up stands if you want something cheap.
  3. Chelsea: More artisan works and a great bookstore can be found in Chelsea Market, but the High Line also has some amazing little food shops for snacks. And if you want to buy art, Chelsea has amazing galleries (as we learned on the Creating Community trip).


  1. The Rink at Rockefeller Center: Go ice skating or roller skating, then refuel with Black Seed Bagels or Dos Caminos tacos. 
  2. Central Park: Go for a run, wander around, see Trump Tower, people watch, or anything in between, but everybody should visit Central Park.
  3. The Ice Cream Museum: Crazy, stupid, fun. The ice cream is amazing, and there’s a slide. 


To finish this off, the best way to have fun in New York City is to embrace whatever comes your way and take a few risks. If you get lost in NYC, you’ll see something amazing. If your food is bad, you’ll find the perfect little shop to cure your stomach ache. And if your flight is canceled, there are always more things to do the next day. 

Edited by Sunanya Guthikonda

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