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The return of OG Fortnite
The OG Fortnite map. Credit:

Rather than introducing a brand new concept for this season, Epic Games has reverted back to the basics. The original Fortnite map is back, causing waves of excitement to ripple across the gaming community. This Fortnite season, unlike others, will only last for a month; however, old content will be added every Thursday, as the map is set to evolve from season 5 to season X. 

For those unfamiliar with the game, Fortnite, released by the gaming company Epic Games in 2017, is a popular online multiplayer game with a diverse mix of shooting and building elements. With the re-release of OG Fortnite, Epic Games has seen its player base almost double, going from around two million current players to nearly four million, with numbers even reaching 44 million total players on the first day of the season as old players drop back in for a wave of nostalgia. Revered locations such as Pleasant Park, Loot Lake, and Tilted Towers have all returned to the map, adding to the rush of reminiscence. While the past couple of seasons have been fun for players with the addition of new weapons such as the Rocket Ram and Business Turret, the return of the original map and beloved locations reminds players of a time when the game was at its peak. 

The Westminster community has thoroughly enjoyed the return of the old map, as students from all grade levels rave about the current season. Many have remarked on the amount of nostalgia they felt. 

“One of my friends called me up and told me to get on Fortnite,” said sophomore Clayton Clemmons. “I was like, ‘Fortnite? We haven’t played that in a minute.’ He told me ‘We’re going home.’ I was awestruck. When he told me they brought back the old map, I immediately was like, ‘Man I gotta get back on.’” 

For Clemmons – and many others – dropping back into the old map was a surprisingly emotional experience, reminding them of simpler times. 

As Fortnite has drawn players back into its addictive gameplay, students have realized how much the game means to them.

“It’s not even a game anymore, it’s a lifestyle,” said sophomore James Young.

 There appears to be a sense of unity and excitement that goes beyond the virtual battlefield, as the nostalgia associated with the classic map, weapons, and skins is a testament to the lasting impact Fortnite has had on gaming culture. The OG season is not just a trip back in time, but rather a celebration of the community’s journey and the resilience of a game that continues to capture the hearts of millions worldwide, even for those taking a more relaxed approach.

“It’s been a blast, just ‘squadding up’ with the boys and getting some wins…. It’s been a fun time,” said senior Smith Alford.

Even though the return of the previous season marks an event worth celebrating, it raises doubts on the future of the game. Some question what this means for the upcoming season, and whether Fortnite’s player count will drop significantly once players see that the old map is gone.  Fortnite has been known to keep limited time modes like “Zero Build,” so it is possible that Epic Games could keep the OG theme around. 

Clemmons shared his opinion on what may happen after this season, and what Fortnite should do to maintain its rebounded popularity.

 “I’m sure there’s a lot of people that love it, but I don’t know if they can maintain the hype,” said Clemmons. “ All great things must come to an end.” 

For some, this might be the last hurrah before they officially walk away from the game. As the fate of one of the most popular video games hangs in the balance, some Westminster students have proposed solutions.

“I think that [the OG Fortnite season] is fantastic. It is really just a great thing,” said sophomore Henry Echols. “They need to bring back season three, though. We just have to keep going back in time. We’re in our prime, why stop now?”

Epic Games’ decision to bring back the OG season of Fortnite reflects the company’s understanding of its player base. While Fortnite has undergone significant transformations over the years, acknowledging and celebrating its roots demonstrates a commitment to player satisfaction. The move not only caters to long-time fans, but also introduces newer players to the game’s history and evolution, expanding the already massive game.

Similar to Fortnite, Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III will see sixteen of the old maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare II return, as other games look to tap into players’ nostalgia. Overwatch 2 is another example of this, as two fan-favorite maps from Overwatch 1 will be returning Dec. 6, just four days after the end of Fortnite’s OG season. 

It’s clear to see just how big of an impact Fortnite has had – not just on players, but on other gaming giants as well.

Edited by Ayan Chaganthi

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