An end to a RADIOACTIVE season

At the start of their season, the volleyball team established a code of honor, which they titled “RADIOACTIVE,” with each letter standing for one of their standards and principles. As the team grew closer and a strong bond developed between the girls, they decided to label themselves as more than a team, but rather more like members of a family.  In order to respect the football team’s unique motto of “Family,” the VolleyCats decided to call themselves “Phamily,” in order to demonstrate that they were, in fact, a family, but separate from the football program.  The team’s bonds held fast throughout the season and led them to the state championship, a path that was far from easy.

“The road to state was will with lots of intense practices and formidable opponents,” said senior Ellie Hartman. “We faced GAC and Jefferson but were able to beat them both in three straight sets by staying focused and determined.”

The state championship game against Wesleyan offered the VolleyCats an opportunity to obtain the title that had just barely fallen out of their grasp the year before, but, this task proved just as difficult as it had the year before, and the “Phamily” went home as consecutive runners-up.

“It was a rough day on Saturday November 2 for the Westminster Volleyball team,” said Hartman. “While we certainly played hard, it just wasn’t our day to win the state championship. Two years back-to-back runner-up is a hard pill to swallow. It is hard to get past the ending but we truly had an amazing season.”

Senior and three-year starter Caroline Beadles recently reflected on the season with some truly inspired and internal perspective.

“Starting August 1, the Westminster volleyball team laid down our standards and principles, summarizing them in our Code of Honor (R.A.D.I.O.A.C.T.I.V.E.),” said Beadles. “These principles helped to form the groundwork of our success and gave us a sense of respect for each other and for the game. Throughout this season, our team has grown to appreciate both victory and defeat, ‘working as a cohesive unit, fighting for one point at a time’ – as Coach Braden would say. We have upheld the standards of good sportsmanship and we have done so while continuing to strive for excellence in our sport. We have sweat, toiled, cried, and laughed together. Our growth is immeasurable, and such growth is only possible when the team is the most important thing.” Despite the tough state final, Beadles remains proud of the team.

“Although I must confess that I am disappointed at the loss in the state finals, the sense of pride and our accomplishment is undiminished and these are larger than the win-loss column,” said Beadles.

Ultimately, the team leaves this season with a legacy of commitment and friendship. Among the trimphs and failures of the season, they will remember above all the unbreakable connections they made. Beadles stressed the strong camaraderie developed by the team.

“I hope that this team’s sense of devotion and admiration for this wonderful game and for each other will be passed down to future generations of Westminster volleyball.”