Powder-Puff football: Back on campus?

On September 30th, the 11 th grade class officers held an on campus Powder-Puff football
tournament for the 11 th grade.

“Powder-Puff is the girl version of football. There’s no contact and you use belt flags,”
said student government member Meghna Patel. Powder-Puff is similar to flag football as points
are mainly scored through passing and there is no tackling.

“The history of the Powder-Puff football game is actually a pretty cool one. They started
it sometime just as World War 2 was ending,” said dean of girls Tiffany Boozer.

“A university was thinking that they needed to be excited the war was over, so they
needed to celebrate and football was such a great celebration but they only had two or three
men,” said Boozer.

The class officers are proud of themselves for setting up this event.
“It was fun to put it together as class officers because it was better than having our grade
chairs plan it, although they did help, since we are students and we know our grade and their
interests better than the grade chairs do,” said student government member Betsy Blitch.
“Our class officers try to do stuff for our grade to get them involved. Last year we did a
dodge ball tournament,” said Patel.

Powder-Puff seemed like the perfect activity for this year because they believe it brought
the grade closer together.

“I think it’s exciting when it’s not just a hangout, but it’s something where there’s an
actual activity; something that they can bond over,” said Boozer.

The class officers thought it was an entertaining idea for an after school activity.
“I thought it was a really fun idea and a way to get the class together outside of school,”
said Blitch. “It also equally involved both boys and girls which to me is a good thing.”

Although it was an amusing event, it wasn’t exactly easy to set up.
“There were definitely a lot of steps involved in the process that you wouldn’t necessarily think
of like reserving the field space, getting the t-shirt design approved by the deans and getting the
bookstore people to order it, and planning ahead all of the gear needed,” said Blitch.
It took a good amount of time before the event to plan it.

“We had to find a week where everyone in the grade would be able to participate,” said

The two class officers found a common agreement on what the hardest part of the
preparation of the Powder-Puff event.

“We picked a week that football had a bye week so that more people could participate,”
said Patel.

“The hardest process was getting people to RSVP yes and actually come,” said Blitch.
If the event were ever to happen again, the main thing the student government would like
to improve is the number of people that showed up.

“In order to make the event better we could have had a better system so that more people
would have showed up,” said Patel.