Four-time letterman Edward Rendle commits to further soccer career collegiately

As of September 2021, senior Edward Rendle has committed to furthering his soccer and academic career at Division 1 Northeastern University beginning next fall. 

First coached by his dad, Westminster’s boys varsity soccer coach prior to current coach Scott Snyder, Rendle’s soccer career began at a very young age.

“Being coached by my dad shaped me to become the type of player who cares about my coaches like fathers,” said Rendle. “I play hard for my coaches and would do anything for them.”

Within the first three games of his freshman season, Rendle was immediately accepted into Westminster’s varsity soccer program and became a starter.

“He was one of those rare young kids that seniors accepted and liked,” said Snyder. “Nobody questioned the fact that he should be starting because he played so well.”

Rendle continues to have a tremendous impact on the soccer field for the Westminster Wildcats, as this is his fourth and final season as a varsity player. Although the Cats fell short last spring in their run to a state championship, Rendle will be a critical component this season as the team works their way through the state tournament. 

Aside from his impressive defensive and offensive skills, he has also shown himself to be an incredible leader on and off the field. Teammates who played with Rendle last spring recognized his inclusiveness and supportiveness toward the younger players.

 “Off the field, Edward is just an all-around good person,” said sophomore midfielder Timeyin Agbeyegbe. “He is always checking in and asking if we are all right. He also has a good voice, which is very effective on the field as a leader.” 

“He was a really good leader who always included the freshmen,” said sophomore midfielder Chad Gilbert. “He talked well on the field and helped us all understand what to do.”

Approaching his fourth season coaching Rendle, Snyder is confident in his leadership abilities and qualities as a team player. 

“While he can be a leader by yelling or demanding, his best quality as a leader is that people look up to him,” said Snyder. “People naturally gravitate towards him; he is everyone’s friend.”

Rendle is a dominant force on the field who pushes his teammates to work hard, regardless of the circumstances. Besides being a captain on Westminster’s varsity team, Rendle has also been selected three years for captain positions at the Development Academy (DA) and Elite Clubs National League levels. During his 2016 season and first year playing for Concorde Fire, Rendle’s teammates selected him to win the “Players’ Player of the Year Award,” a significant accomplishment at the DA level. 

“Edward’s intensity, drive, will, and desire to win are some of his greatest qualities,” said Snyder. “He is a superior athlete with a personal drive who motivates himself to put in the extra work.”

Following a tough injury freshman year, Rendle was told he was unable to play his sophomore year, but he continued to show his commitment to the program by becoming a team manager. As a captain for the Cats, just last year, he led the team to the state finals, where they suffered a devastating loss to Coahulla Creek. 

Rendle’s recruitment process began with a slow start due to COVID-19 restrictions but gained momentum in summer 2021 as the easing of guidelines allowed collegiate coaches to begin seeking prospective players again. 

Defying all previous setbacks, Rendle announced his official commitment to play at Northeastern University in September 2021. “As an excellent academic school with a top D1 program, Northeastern is the perfect balance between athletics and academics that I want in a school,” said Rendle.

“Aside from his amazing soccer skills, Edward will easily also contribute his great passion, determination, and desire, as well,” said Snyder. “He is a critical leader for the Cats, and he will undoubtedly bring those leadership qualities with him wherever he goes.”

In addition to preparing for freshman year of college, Rendle is looking forward to his final season as a Wildcat this spring. Reflecting on last season’s tough loss in the state finals, he has big expectations for the upcoming season.

“What I intend to do as a captain is to establish a team culture that takes one game at a time and does not expect anything to be handed to us,” said Rendle. “With this mindset will hopefully come a state title.”

Aside from the road to state, Rendle also looks forward to spending more time with his teammates, and he values the relationships he has formed throughout his soccer career.

“What I love most about soccer, besides the sport itself, is the friendships and bonds I have made and will make with my teammates,” said Rendle. “They are my brothers on and off the field. It is more than a friendship, but a bond where we fight for each other on the field.”

As the upcoming season approaches, Rendle is eager to lead his team through a victorious season. Wildcats look forward to catching Rendle back in action in the spring and anticipate the potential he and the team will have as they attempt to bring home a state title. Westminster is beyond proud of Rendle and his accomplishments and looks forward to seeing him represent the Cats at Northeastern University next fall.