Katie Christopherson wins gold


Swimmer Katie Christopherson attended the Speedo Junior National Championships in Irvine, CA at the beginning of this school year. She competed fiercely and won gold in the women’s 18 & under 200-meter breaststroke, finishing with a personal best time of 2:28.76.

Westminster junior and CatFish Katie Christopherson has been tearing up the competition all around the country. She recently won gold at the under 18 National Swimming Championships in Inglewood, California this past August. Not only is Christopherson a star at her swim club, SwimAtlanta, but she is also a valuable asset to the Westminster Varsity Swim and Dive team. 

The CatFish have been a powerhouse in the GHSA, as the boys and girls teams claimed their 29th and 26th state titles this past year, their fifth consecutive championship. Christopherson competed in four events in the 2022 state championship and set the GHSA record in the 200-yard individual medley. 

During the competition in Inglewood for the National Swimming Championships, Christopherson followed a strict routine for success. On the morning of her race, she practiced a warm-up of stroke counts for 200 breaststrokes then went back to the hotel and ate a healthy lunch. Prior to the competition, she drank an energy drink and ate her pre-race staple. 

“I always have honey before my races for the quick sugar,” said Christopherson.

Christopherson has competed in many other prestigious events like the Speedo Junior National Championships and the Georgia Open. When performing at such a high level, all races are high stakes and require an effective pre-race routine for combating nerves. 

“I try to listen to some good music, and I always try to stick to my race plan and know the training is behind me,” said Christopherson.

The feeling of winning Gold for Christopherson was special, as her many years of hard work and training prepared her for the event. Christopherson was able to set a personal best of 2:28.76 in the Women’s 200 Breast. 

“It was really exciting because the big focus of my summer training was for that event, and it just felt really good to achieve my goals,” said Christopherson.

She has been swimming her whole life and was introduced to the sport at a very young age. 

“I started with summer league swimming because a lot of my neighborhood friends were doing it,” said Christopherson.

Christopherson fell in love with the sport because of its competitive nature and her ability to push herself in training. 

“I love how you can always find a way to improve yourself, whether it’s technique, speed, or mentality,” said Christopherson. 

She attributes part of her success to the Westminster swim team. Her teammates and coaches treasure her and understand the value she brings to the team. 

“Every day, she comes in and works hard; she is always trying to help her teammates and make them better,” said sophomore CatFish Palmer Routh.

The Varsity Swimming Coach, Sharon Loughran, agreed that Christopherson is a valuable member of the team and constantly raises the bar for the whole program. Not only is she a great swimmer, but she is also a great leader. 

“One of her biggest assets is that she leads by example,” said Loughran. “She doesn’t just talk about it, but she walks the walk.”

As a competitive athlete, Christopherson not only focuses on swimming but also on lifting, eating right, and having mental toughness. 

“She’s mentally strong and she doesn’t back down from any challenge. I think what kind of took her over the edge is she’s also willing to do the work in the weight room,” said Loughran.

After her action-packed summer, Christopherson is ready to reach the next level. Her plans for the future are to continue to work hard and improve her personal records. Christopherson is constantly getting better and improving her already exemplary skills. We wish Katie Christopherson luck in her swimming career!

Edited by Riley Sager