Batcats leave regionals undefeated, en route to state championship


Photo credit Sydney Watson

The BatCtas head to playoffs after celebrating their Seniors at Senior night

The Westminster varsity softball team finished their region tournament undefeated, with a dominant overall effort from the team. The BatCats are working diligently on and off the field in their quest to clinch another victory in the upcoming GHSA state championship.

“The girls are practicing hard daily to prepare for the state tournament, with the goal of reaching

Columbus for the chance to compete for the state championship,” said assistant coach Bill


The Batcats ended their regular season with a 15-12 record, beginning with games against rivals

St. Pius and Lovett in the newly finished KCB stadium. While they lost both games to start the season, the team wasn’t ready to give up and beat Blessed Trinity, North Springs, and Thomas County Central in the next three games. The players then began preparing for the region tournament, with wins against Stephenson and Miller Grove. The BatCats won the region championship title with a notable win against Holy Innocents, and outstanding pitching from junior pitcher Helen Slawson.

“A highlight of the season so far would definitely be our regionals win over Holy Innocents,”

said senior captain Quinn Schaeffer. “We brought amazing energy to that game, and Slawson had

an amazing pitching outing to secure us the win.”

The Wildcats finished the region tournament undefeated, with an 8-0 record. One of the key factors to the team’s regional success was the freshman newcomers to the team.

“One of the team’s biggest strengths is the depth of our roster,” said Schaeffer. “We had so many

talented freshmen come up, which easily allows us to keep a strong team whenever there is an injury.”

Throughout the season, the BatCats prioritized team bonding, specifically for new teammates. On and off the field, the team stayed connected to each other.

“We have always been a super close team, and we stay tight by having lots of team bonding

time,” said Slawson. “Whether it’s saying hi in the hallways, team meetings, or our team

sleepover at the beginning of the season, we like to stay close throughout the season.”

The supportive nature of the team is something the Batcats take pride in, and the senior captains

strived to create a cohesive and welcoming environment for the team.

The leadership of senior captains Grace Carabillo, Jordan Corley, Caroline Rawls, Quinn Schaeffer, and Camille Woodfaulk was crucial to the team’s success.

“I have loved being a captain for the team this year,” said Schaeffer. “The different perspectives and personalities each of the five captains bring to the table has been super helpful throughout

the season.”

Another critical addition to the team this year was new head coach Layne McLaughlin, who stepped into the new position with ambition and hope for the future of the Batcats.

“I have been truly blessed with an outstanding group of girls this year,” said McLaughlin. “They enjoy being around each other, are respectful, and make the long hours of practices and games fun. Their love for one another is what I consider our biggest strength.”

McLaughlin came to Westminster after coaching softball at Lovett and she also played fast-pitch softball through college. She has a lot of knowledge about the game of softball and provides advice and tips to the players throughout the season.

“Coach Mac has been an awesome head coach this year,” said freshman Kate McDonald. “The team is very comfortable with her, and I can tell she cares so much about each player. She brings wisdom, motivation, goals, and positivity to the team.”

McLaughlin sets goals for the team and inspires them to become better players everyday. While she does focus on the athletic side of the game, she also concentrates on the mental aspect, and urges the players to become more than just athletes.

“She has helped us focus on the mental side of the game,” said Schaeffer. “She always tells us in

her pregame talks to ‘play for somebody else,’ which allows us to work hard and realize a win is

more than just for ourselves.”

In the upcoming weeks, the Batcats are ready to take home another title at the state championship and end their season with a win. After states, the team is expected to keep training throughout the winter and spring in preparation for the new season ahead.

“The girls are expected to continue with their strength training and understanding of the game, so they will return to the team next fall stronger than they were when they left for the season,” said


Edited by Neil Dhingra