Grant Pinkston may be the Senior Opinions Editor for The Bi-Line, but his main interest lies in the world of art. Grant is an avid collector of connect the dots coloring books. To him, connecting these dots is a calming activity that serves as a metaphor for the deliberate and step-by-step method he tries to approach life with. When he feels chaotic, he likes to connect the dots the wrong way because it allows him to release the pandemonium of feelings that crowd his brain and experience true catharsis. Another way in which Grant finds true catharsis is through his strident work with the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia (EFGA). Grant will be holding classes in the basement of Askew at 4:30am every third Tuesday this year to learn more about the depth of coloring books and EFGA's mission statement. Eventually, Grant will finally be showing his entire collection to the Westminster public!

Grant Pinkston, Opinions Editor

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Grant Pinkston