One day, while searching for opinionated language in her writers' articles, editor Meimei Xu spotted a procession of beautiful American buffaloes on the horizon. She couldn't see clearly, so she pulled out a trusty tool to magnify the view. Still curious (Could be a potential story idea! she thought), she rode over on her bike and saw that the miraculous buffaloes walked on two legs. Then, she had a moment of ingenuity. She arranged them by pairs and led them on a march to Westminster. When the army arrived in front of Askew Hall, the Bi-Line gods capitulated their stronghold and allowed her to take over as head editor. The headline? Meimei Xu used binoculars and a bicycle to find a biped bi-bison-line while biting down on bias for the Bi-Line.

Meimei Xu, Head Editor

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Meimei Xu