Noah Turbes is an avid writer. Nothing intrigues him more than crafting a thoughtful and informative paper. Well, I mean a few things, but those aren't that important. After, emphasis on after, finishing his articles, Noah loves to play squash 2.0 (tennis) in practice and tournaments. When Noah's not running suicides on the court, I've heard that he likes to listen to the purest art form known to man. Oops, that autocorrected from Jazz. Noah loves to listen to Chet Baker and John Coltrane and tell his friends about all the jazz they're missing out on. This year Noah switched over to the Arts section of the Bi-Line because he heard Aydin Bandukwala might be a section editor for that. Ooooh, the horrors. So far, the Arts have been going well, hopefully, somebody assigns me an article about Duke Ellington soon.

Noah Turbes, Arts Reporter

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Noah Turbes