Innovation Council

Innovation has played a significant role in the development of Westminster. Ever since the school opened, Westminster has always come up with ways to move forward and adapt to changes while providing students with unique and enriching opportunities.  

With new buildings and other changes taking place on campus, Innovation Council, a new student leadership team, was formed in order to allow students to use their own voice and ideas to support Westminster’s vision for the future.

“The idea of the Innovation Council was to create a small co-board of students who would be instrumental in driving those initiatives,” said faculty advisor Stephen Addcox. “Specifically, to have not only a voice, but also because students often are better positioned than even the faculty to know what it is that the student body is interested in doing.”

The council, composed of 13 students along with two faculty members, recently introduced their plans to the Westminster student body during an assembly. They discussed many new ideas and products for Upper School students. 

Some resources available to the student body include a virtual reality lab, 3D printers, cyanotypes, and many more gadgets that can help students in and out of the classroom. The student leaders in the Innovation Council are the ones who evaluate which resources would best help the student community.

“I get an insight into a lot of the new technology and innovative resources that Westminster brings,” said sophomore Miles Clayton. “It’s really cool, and I can’t wait to share some of the new resources we have to offer to my peers in the future.”