Relieved students enjoy the newly-restored Thursday dessert tradition

For many years at Westminster, a delicious dessert has been served every Thursday at lunch. However, the 2019-2020 school year got off to a funky start, with this widely enjoyed tradition being momentarily canceled. While some students barely noticed the change, many had vehement opinions about the subject.

“I thought the food quality definitely wasn’t as good, and I really missed the desserts on Thursdays,” said sophomore Miles Clayton. 

“I like the desserts because it adds another much-needed dimension to the usual school lunch,” said freshman Ryan Carr. 

With many confused and distraught over the dessert cancelation, students quickly searched for answers as to why one of their favorite traditions had vanished. 

“The reason desserts weren’t being served is actually quite simple,” said Upper School Dean of Students Ralph Geeza, “It’s because the mixer we use to make all of the desserts was broken, and the desserts that we had planned for those first few weeks were quite creamy, and couldn’t be made without the mixer, so, sadly we could not serve any dessert without having enough for everybody.”

Although the student-body was left heartbroken after weeks of dessert-less Thursdays, things are finally beginning to look up. 

“Because we were missing a part for the mixer, we had to order it, and once it came, we could start serving lunch every Thursday again,” said Geeza.