Important sports ‘intangibles’ remain difficult to quantify

Wiley Ballard

May 3, 2012

Was Michael Jordan clutch? Did Pete Rose hustle? Was Joe Montana a leader? The best and most successful athletes in professional sports are clearly freaks of nature. Their physical abilities and characteristics defy human norms....

Music unites

Tara Subramaniam

May 3, 2012

Music unites. The A Cappella Palooza, dubbed Acapalooza, was Westminster’s first ever all-A Cappella evening concert and gave the Westminster population an opportunity to witness the real power of music. On stage with Westminster’s...

Wildcat dining staff serves thousands daily

Orly Brooker

May 3, 2012

The school’s community service program provides countless opportunities for students to give to those in need, include programs with partnerships in Open Hand, Trees Atlanta, and more. Recently, however, Westminster students...

Ahmed, Laseter, and Seeds patrol, protect, and observe

Joe Janeczko

May 3, 2012

A student at Westminster is said to always be under scrutiny from parents, teachers, coaches, and colleges, but the most unnoticed observer maybe be a mechanical one. In director of security David Sees’s office in the physical...

Clark warns against “greenwashing”

Ben Clark

May 3, 2012

“Green” has become the buzzword of the past few years. It appears on laundry detergent boxes, jumps out of air conditioning advertisements, and shouts from grocery store aisles. As an environmentalist, I see this new spark...