Why Donald Trump should not be president

Katie McGahan, Guest Writer

December 11, 2015

Donald Trump. Where do I start? I would like to start off by saying that I am the president of Young Democrats and therefore disagree with almost all of Donald Trump’s political views, but beyond politics I feel that electing...

Annual Aquathon to raise awareness for ALS

Andrew Lingle, Staff Writer

December 11, 2015

Although the first semester is quickly coming to a close, the Upper School has begun to prepare for one of its biggest charity events of the year: the Aquathon. Varsity swimming coach Pete Higgins organizes the annual event with th...

Millennials: Responses to grandpa’s groans

Vicky Zhang, Columnist

December 11, 2015

My least favorite thing about being categorized as a millennial is the sigh from the Baby Boom Generation or Generation X accompanying their complaint that our lives have only changed because of social media. I would consider thes...

Technology renders human brain obsolete: The end is near

Juliana Freschi, Columnist

December 11, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I upgraded from a 2011 iPhone 4 to a brand spankin’ new iPhone 6s. I was hesitant to make the change at first because I’ve seen what an abundance of technology at one’s fingertips does to some people; ...

Suburban happiness

William Denning, Columnist

December 11, 2015

In an age of constant reimbursement and satisfaction, in which people are as fluid as the waters of a deep sea current, we live and breathe in a world of forward motion. And it is in this spirit that I fear, no, pray for, the...

Casting a conscious ballot: more important than ever

Allison Wise, Columnist

December 11, 2015

With all of the discussion surrounding the 2016 presidential election, it’s hard to believe that the primary votes don’t even begin for another two months. Because of this, it will be a while before the public begins to see...

Music Review: Julia Holter and FKA Twigs

Evan Dhillon, Columnist

December 11, 2015

Composer, keyboardist, and singer Julia Holter has explored a wide range of sounds over her past three albums. Ranging from baroque pop to experimental ambient, her music is hard to pin down to just one sound. Holter’s most recent a...

Artist spotlight: Violin and viola teacher Joli Wu

Katie Greene, Staff Writer

December 11, 2015

For violin and viola teacher Joli Wu, playing the viola is much more than a hobby or a way to earn money. Wu has had a lengthy career in music and music education, tutoring at schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Westminster. “I love that I am ...

Band performs at assembly, evening concert

Cartie Werthman, Staff Writer

December 11, 2015

The music swelled as students walked into the assembly on Dec. 3. Between the glittering Christmas trees and festive wreaths, the band brought in the holiday cheer with their music. The concert played not only familiar music but als...

When one hometown is not enough

Liv Combest, Columnist

December 11, 2015

  I’ve been in Spain for two and a half months, also known as nearly a third of my total time here. In these two and a half months, I’ve listened to two Spanish men talk for three hours about the merits of different types...

Pray for Paris 2015: An American in Paris

Jolisa Brown, Columnist

December 11, 2015

Just as we were preparing to go into the city on the night of Nov. 13, three other American students and I heard that there had been an attack in Paris. Some explosions. Initially, we felt only mildly disquieted, sure it was a...

Scuba Club explores new depths

Sreya Atmuri, Staff Writer

December 11, 2015

Out of the various different clubs and teams that Westminster has, the scuba club may be one of the most interesting and unique clubs of all. “The scuba club is basically a way for students to get certified [to scuba dive] o...