The Patriots just can’t stop winning

Julia Rhee, Sports Reporter

February 28, 2019

Few could have predicted Tom Brady’s rapid ascent from college backup and late sixth-round pick to bona fide stardom, except perhaps Brady himself. Even fewer could have predicted the dynastic success that the Brady-led Patriots...

Squash team looks to compete

Allie Woods, Sports Reporter

February 28, 2019

Despite squash being an unpopular sport in the south, the girls and boys Westminster squash teams consisting of 7 th -12 th graders and led by seniors Thomas Rankin, Neeya Patel, and Zain Palanpur pulled through with several...

Adidas becomes official athletic sponsor

Lauren Kennedy, Sports Reporter

February 28, 2019

After a year and a half of negotiations, Westminster signed a three-year contract with Adidas. Contrary to popular belief, Adidas is the first official athletic sponsor in Westminster history. Athletic director Tim Downes rejected...

Catfish reel in state championship

Colin Suddath, Sports Reporter

February 28, 2019

Although their season is over, the memories made this winter will surely last a lifetime. Over the course of two weeks, the Westminster Swim and Dive team took home 1st place in both the annual Atlanta metro meet and the State...

Atlanta United Gears Up for New Season After Championship Run

Matthew Cha, Sports Reporter

February 28, 2019

Last year, Atlanta United, in only its second MLS season, was crowned champions after defeating the Portland Timbers in the MLS Cup final in Atlanta. Josef Martinez won MLS Cup MVP, after winning the Golden boot and MLS regular...

How Stacey Abrams has mastered politics

Payton Selby, Columnist

February 28, 2019

Stacey Abrams, a long time Georgia icon has quickly outpaced her local stardom and become a national phenomenon. I am embarrassed to say when I met her in 2017 at the start of her campaign, I regarded her as nothing remarkable,...

Why do we enjoy crime stories?

Addie Anderson, Columnist

February 28, 2019

Ever since I was little I knew there was a great deal of popularity among crime stories. When I was little, my sister and I enjoyed watching a show called Monk where a homicide detective who works with the San Francisco Police...

The Abortion Debate

Phoebe Lariccia, Columnist

February 28, 2019

Imagine this: You’re a thirty-year-old pregnant woman, and you just took a trip to the doctor for your check-up. While there, the doctor delivered you some heartbreaking news. Your baby, the one you had been carrying for six...

On the Edge of Sleep Dreaming of the Bi-Line

Andrew Zacks, Columnist

February 28, 2019

What is the highest number of Italian-Americans you’ve come across on New Jersey Transit? I’ll tell you for me it’s one. Not a lot, I know. He punched my ticket, which isn’t even an innuendo, and we were off under the...

Guide to Being a Second Semester Junior

Andrew Stevens, Columnist

February 28, 2019

Let’s get this out of the way. I have only been a second-semester junior for a few weeks. Still got 13 to go. I am no expert. But I’ll try to be. The most popular topic of conversation for any second semester junior, and...

Virginia governor receives calls to step down among racism scandal

Charlie Benedict, News Editor

February 28, 2019

On February 1st, the right-wing website Big League Politics leaked a picture of two men at a party, one wearing blackface and the other sporting a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood. The picture was on Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph...

STAR Student Jessica Lao recognized

Kerrie Lou, News Reporter

February 28, 2019

For senior STAR student, Jessica Lao, writing and art has always been a passion and even a potential career path. This past January, Lao was honored with the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Award for her critical essay The Wordsmith...