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“Pajama Game” showcases new vision

A new director means new traditions. Change is here: are you ready for The Pajama Game?

The Pajama Game, the fall high school musical production, contrasts with previous musicals performed, such as the big productions Les Miserables and The Producers, with their elaborate staging and costumes. The Pajama Game is a traditional no-nonsense musical from the ‘50s.

Director Kate Morgens, who is a new addition to the staff this year, and the arts committee selected this particular musical because “it has a lot of incredible music, [including] iconic musical theater classics like ‘Hey There,’ ‘Hernando’s Hideaway,’ and ‘Steam Heat.’”

The Pajama Game is set in a factory that makes pajamas,” said Morgens. “The juicy part of the plot centers around several relationships within the pajama factory.”

Morgens added that there are also a few fights that break out, and even some knife throwing, which increase the excitement level of the plot.

“There’s some humor, some drama, some romance,” said senior Emma Boelter. “It’s everything you could want in a musical!”

The Pajama Game, while not as extravagant and over-the-top as last year’s The Producers, “will make you laugh and cry,” said senior Gray Clark.

Since Morgens is new to the school, the students are excited to see what new traditions she will bring to the school. Morgens is trying a few new things in the drama community in order to fulfill the mission statement of Westminster theater: “As theater educators at Westminster, our job is to forge creative artists, to train excellent craft people, and to joyfully support the students in their educational journey.”

One such new idea that Morgens has introduced to this musical is a tech requirement.

“Everyone has to serve four hours of tech,” said junior Margaret Kuester. “I think that it will add a lot more quality to the performance The tech requirements include helping with costumes and painting sets.”

“We are trying to teach all of the students in the theater department to be more knowledgeable about all the aspects of creating a show,” said Morgens.

Hudson Adams, the technical director, “has decided that every backstage tech student is now required to perform,” said Morgens. “Students working backstage tech on The Pajama Game will perform at our cast party.”

Morgens, who has loved working with the students as much as they have loved working with her, has also been a good instructor. “Morgens is a great fit for Westminster,” said Kuester. “She’s a great instructor, makes practices go more smoothly, and is very qualified.”

“[Morgens] is really good about communicating what she wants from us and giving us specific directions on how to improve,” said Boelter.

Morgens is pleased with her new role as well. “The students are brilliant and talented–not unlike NYU,” said Morgens.  “The transition has been really easy.”

The Westminster Players have been working since late August on The Pajama Game. The production is also family friendly so all ages are able to attend. Be sure to save the date for the show’s opening on Thursday, Oct. 4.


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