Westminster Students And Faculty Share All They Want For Christmas

“You” Mary Katherine Henry and Mariah Carey

“My mugshot to be deleted from the Atlanta Police Department’s website” – Emma McMoran

“A valet service to and from junior lot” – Catherine Christopher

“A better grade in calculus” – Sarah Lock

“My Hogwarts acceptance letter”  Isabelle Bellot-McGrath

“ A 1931 American Flyer ‘Flying Colonel’ standard gauge passenger train set”- Rusty Hudson

“Mental stability” Maya Bradford

“My two front teeth” – Ruben Roy

“A lifetime supply of lime La Croix”
Catherine Benedict

“To get faster at slaughtering chickens and chopping firewood” – Emily Pinkston

“For this to make it into the Bi-Line Jackson Galyardt

“To be four inches taller” – Laura Street

“For Catherine Benedict to stop pressuring me for Bi-Line quotes”  Kathleen LeBreton

“A mechanical bull”  – Anna Harrison

“For the orcas to be free” Carson Simon

“A box set of Tchaikovsky’s greatest hits” – Eliza Namnoum

“For all the children of the world to join hands and sing” Sumter Fiveash

“Either a pony or lower gas prices. Because if I don’t get lower gas prices I’ll have a pony I can ride and a bag of oats is less than a gallon of gas.” – Taylor Willis

“My best friend Rahil’s warm and tender embrace” – Jamie Pastan

“World peace and free refills” – JT Fowler

“Emotionally-fulfilling relationships” – Julia Clark

“For all Upper School girls to be in dress code for the Christmas service”- Tiffany Boozer

“Rory McIlroy and a plot of land in Ireland” Anna Lemaster

“My house to sell. More broadly, I truly want there to be peace in the world– for all people to learn to coexist with respect for each other” – Nancy Beane

“Money” – Abby Seitz

“A finished Carlyle Fraser Library, and of course, peace on earth” – Ms. Carly Pansulla