Scoot Dimon plans to retire at end of year

Scoot Dimon has been a staple of the Westminster experience for as long as any student here can remember. He is a part of the school, always greeting students at Adam’s Gate or playing tennis on the back courts. However, this year will be Dimon’s last spent at Westminster, as he will be retiring from his position of assistant headmaster. Dimon’s connection to Westminster comes from his many years spent either learning or teaching at the school.

“I’ve been here off and on for 52 years,” said Dimon. “I came as a seventh grader in 1964. I haven’t been here every year, but I was here as a kid, and I came back to work here 26 years ago, and it’s been a great part of my life.”

Through all of his time here, Dimon has performed many roles and been a part of many different activities.

“I came back in 1991 as a teacher and a coach,” said Dimon. “I taught middle school history, upper school history, and I was the eighth grade grade chair. I did that for four or five years, then I became the assistant headmaster for Bill Clarkson 20 years ago, and I’ve been doing that ever since.”

After spending so much of his life here, many of Dimon’s favorite memories are from Westminster.

I loved being a kid here, I loved my teachers like Mr. Finsthwait and Mr. Higgins, they taught me when I was a boy and they’re still here,” said Dimon. “I loved playing tennis for Westminster when I was a boy, that was a blast. Since I’ve been working here every day’s been fantastic, I get to teach great kids, I’ve been teaching seventh grade every year, so every day is a great memory.”

The one thing that Dimon will miss the most about being at Westminster is teaching history to students in the Middle School each year.

“I’m gonna miss seventh grade a lot because I love teaching that age kid. I love kids who are 11, 12, 13,” said Dimon. “I’ve loved the classes that I’ve taught for the last 26 years.”

Dimon was able to impact every child in his classes through his kindness and wisdom, helping them learn the values of charity and respect.

“One of my favorite memories of Mr. Dimon was in seventh grade history was when he took us to his house, baked us cookies, and read us a story,” said senior Susanna Lauten.

While his presence at Westminster, will be dearly missed, Dimon is excited to move on to and enjoy the next chapter of his life. He is especially happy to move to Florida and spend more time with his family.

“I’m going to move to Naples which is where my mother-in-law lives,” said Dimon. “I love Naples, I’ve been visiting there for 25 years, I know it really well. I’m also honestly looking forward to playing more tennis there because I’m still healthy enough and I’m still pretty good.”

Dimon will also continue to work, just not in a school setting.

“I’m not going to be working here at Westminster, but I’ll be doing some non-profit volunteer work, so I’ll be doing something,” said Dimon. “It may not be for money, it may be for free, and it may just be as a volunteer, but I’m really looking forward to it”

While Dimon may not be present at Westminster in the coming years, his spirit will live on through all the students he taught and befriended, and his legacy will never die.