2022 Junior and Senior Masquerade Prom


Photo credit michaelreesestudios

A tumble of balloons from the sky, an assortment of colored masks, a photo booth, and dancing. This can only mean one thing: the Junior and Senior Westminster Prom was held on April 9. Prom is a tradition that has been part of high school culture and Westminster since the mid-1900s. The junior class student government put together this year’s masquerade-themed prom, and it was the first time both grades attended prom together since COVID hit. 

Prom usually is put together by the junior student government to offer senior class officers a break from stressful planning and tough decisions since they put together prom for the previous year. The prom required extensive planning, and those elected to student government often set up several meetings with different members of the administration and the facilities department to make sure the entire night goes smoothly.

“[Our main goal is] managing to pull off a fun dance that people will look back on with fond memories,” said junior class president Qadir Smith. “That’s all you can ask for as an organizer, really. And from the pictures, it definitely looked like people were enjoying themselves.”

 Even though prom is a formal black-tie event, each year prom has a different theme for everyone to dress up for. This year’s theme was masquerade, meaning that decorative face masks were encouraged. 

“I enjoyed it a lot; my only complaint was that it was a little bit of a small space, and I wish it could’ve been outside,” said senior Ally McChesney. “But I also get why it was inside– because of the weather. I think prom helps bring us together because we get to socialize and get to know each other outside of just an academic setting, which is really important.” 

“This year’s prom was amazing, and it was such a great time to be able to dress up and hang out with all of my friends and get to know and see a ton of other people who I normally wouldn’t see,” said junior Kelsey Chambers. “I think events like prom are really important to the Westminster community because they help students like me build stronger connections with other students.” 

The Westminster Junior and Senior Prom annually offers an opportunity for students to foster strong friendships and connections with students both within and beyond their grades. Having a strong community is what makes Westminster such an excellent school, which is why events like prom that help develop such connections and encourage unity are so important. Along with offering a fun respite from the busy end of the year, the 2022 Junior and Senior Masquerade Prom helped make Westminster a stronger community.