Spring Sports Review


Girls Crew:

The Girls Crew team fought through a long and arduous season, filled with newcomers and many regattas, the crew terminology for a meet, which last all day and sometimes even two days. While the top squad struggled during their different regattas, the novice team made the finals twice – a huge step for the newcomers on the team. Despite leaps made by the novice team, the top squad still had difficulty.

“The season was overall an uphill battle since we were lacking so many experienced rowers and had so many novices,” said junior Allie Schank. Still, the energy brought by the novices and new coach Bartley Smith connected the team and created an energetic atmosphere throughout the season.

“This season, we were definite underdogs,” said junior Margaret Kuester, “but I’m so unbelievably proud with how much our team picked up in such a short amount of time.” The team is very excited for the possibilities next year where they can further the strengths of their overall quite young roster.


Boys Golf:

The Boys Golf team fought through an enduring season, losing some battles but in the end triumphing over all at the State championship, where they beat out Oglethorpe County by five strokes for a low team score of 295.

Earlier in the season, the Boys lost a nail-biter during the Region tournament, a defining moment for the team.

“The key moment of our season had to be our loss at Region to Lovett by one stroke,” said junior Patrick Bridges. “We had a horrible day, and this moment really motivated us to work even harder. Since we did not win Region, we had to go to the Sectional tournament, and the extra time we spent together at the Sectional tournament really helped our team bond together a lot more.” This tournament proved to be a turning point for the team as a whole, pushing them to work harder for the state tournament.

“I sort of wonder if we would have won state if we hadn’t lost Region,” said sophomore William Black. “The whole team was motivated and we pulled it out.” But either way, the team succeeded in their goal, and conquered the state championship.

Individually, four of the Westminster golfers placed in the top ten scorers for the entire state tournament – senior Tripp H’Doubler, senior Jackson Heazel, junior Patrick Bridges, and sophomore Hunter Bremer. Tripp H’Doubler actually tied for second place with a score of 71.

The Boys Golf Team hopes to extend its state championship titles, having won three out of the past four years, to four out of five years during next year’s state tournament with their deep team.


Girls Golf:

The girls golf team faced tough competition throughout the season, ending their run at regionals. For over half of the team this season was a brand new experience in competitive golf, and many of the players worked on mastering their swing and figuring out how to continually develop it. Overall, the team held a 2-2 record, initially launching into the season by defeating St. Pius X with a score of 89-94.

“The best moment of the season was actually the first match we played,” said junior Alexis Woodhouse. “It was most of the girls’ first times playing competitively in Varsity, so that win was a big confidence booster. Other than that, the girls having the experience of playing in a lot of difficult tournaments allowed them to really grow as golfers.” The girls look forward to developing their young team as they seek out new heights in future years.


Girls Lacrosse:

On May 10th, the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team competed against their regional rivals, Woodward, in an action-packed state final. After finishing with a total of 24 goals, the Girls Lacrosse team claimed the state title with a final score of 17-7. The triumph was not only irreplaceable, but also was a testament to the team’s dedication throughout the season.

“Winning a state championship is a feeling unlike anything else; it never ever gets old,” said senior Ansley Walker. “It’s a feeling that means that your team accomplished a great task. I am blessed to have been a member of the lacrosse team all four years of my high school career. It was a band of girls who loved one another unconditionally and never settled for complacency.”

As shown by their vivacity and love for the sport, the members of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team have loved being part of such a close-knit community.

“The whole team really came together throughout the season,” said senior Sara McGahan. “Winning state was an amazing way to top off many months of hard work. As a senior, I’m going to miss everyone so much next year.”

Finishing with a record of 15 wins and 7 losses, the girls definitely had a successful season.


Boys Lacrosse:

On May 18th, the Varsity Boys Lacrosse team squared off against their state rivals, Northview, for the coveted state championship cup. After a fiercely competed match, the Boys Lacrosse team emerged victorious with a final score of 8-4. The victory was not only a symbol of the team’s current talent, but also suggested a prosperous future for the team.

“It was a wonderful ending to one of the most incredible seasons I’ve ever experienced,” said senior Graham Seagroves. “Coach Souza had us peaking at the right time and everyone brought their A game in the finals. This team was one of the tightest-knit I’ve ever been on; literally everyone got along great. There was no age-hierarchy; an outsider wouldn’t have been able to tell a difference between treatment of seniors and freshmen.”

Six of the eight goals scored during the match were assisted, showing the team’s growth in team play, and seniors scored only two of those goals; the upcoming Varsity Boys Lacrosse team will have a great future. Finishing the season with a record of 18 wins and four losses, the Boys Lacrosse team showed the benefits of grit, hard-work and most of all teamwork.


Girls Soccer:

On May 18th, the Varsity Girls Soccer team battled against their regional rivals, GAC, in a nail-biter of a final. After fighting hard to hold onto a one-goal lead for ten minutes, the girls emerged victorious, winning with a final scoreline of 3-2. This emotional victory illustrated the passion the team had for their sport and for each other.

“We won state,” said junior Liza Linginfelter. “There is no emotion there because I used up all of my emotions that day. It was one of the happiest days in my life. Do it for the team!”

With a final record of 15 wins and five losses, the girls continued their tradition of success. With an emphasis on playing for the team, the Varsity Girls Soccer team next year will carry the torch on.


Boys Soccer:

On May 18th, the Varsity Boys Soccer team played against their state rivals, Calhoun, for their third straight state title. After a grueling contest, the Boys Soccer team was declared victorious with a final score of 1-0. Even without standout seniors from last year, the soccer team managed to rally together and believe in themselves, regardless of the opposition.

“Nobody expected us to win state this year after losing most of our starting line-up last year,” said junior Ramsey Fahs. “However, we came together and became a real team in the last half of the season. We didn’t have the best record but we won the five that counted. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the highlight of the season had to be beating Lovett on penalty kicks three times.”

A powerful header by senior Harrison Butker in the last six minutes of regulation sealed the fate of the Varsity Boys Soccer team. However, it was the dogged determination and the belief in each other that brought the team together through thick and thin.


Boys Track:

On May 3rd and 4th, the Varsity Boys Track team traveled to Jefferson to compete the AA State Championship. During two days of intense competition and heavy rainfall, the Boys battled against their opponents, setting personal records and winning a plethora of medals. At the end of two-day escapade, the Track Cats were declared victorious.

“Heartbreaking anguish, strenuous labor, frustrating defeat: all were necessary components to the final victory,” said junior David Mitchell.

The grueling practices, on and off the track, proved to be key to the team’s success this year. With more intense workouts and a greater emphasis on teamwork, the Varsity Boys Track team was able to climb to even higher heights.

“We had a great year in practice, and I’m glad the coaches pushed us especially hard,” said junior Adam Sanders. “Our success was a great mix of talent and hard work. We’re also going to miss Coach Horne next year, and hope to have a coach that cares as much. I look forward to another successful season with a great team.”

The successes of the coaches and the athletes can be seen by the outstanding performances shown at the state meet. Senior Walker Green placed 8th in the 400-meter dash and junior Cameron Seward place 3rd in the 110 hurdles. Junior Harry O’Connor finished 4th place and Jordan Flowers finished 1st place in the 3200 meter run. Senior Jag Gangemi finished 1st in the 800 meter dash and Junior Austin Dhillon finished 2nd. And last of the standout successes, Sanders finished 5th in the 300 hurdles.


Girls Track:

Through May 9th to May 11th the Varsity Girls Track team competed in Albany, Georgia team for the title of State Champions. After three long days of racing, the Girls track team finished their season with the state cup in hand. The girls’ victory not only was special for the team, but also for the school; never in Westminster’s history have both girls and boys track teams won in the same year.

“All year we said that our goal was state,” said senior Sandy Sharis. “Even though that had been our goal every year, this year we finally got it by coming together when it counted most.”

Even though the team had setbacks and losses early in the season, the girls rallied together, push each other in practice, and managed to succeed during their most difficult meets. During the state meet, Senior Sandy Sharis set a new school record in the Long Jump competition with a jump of 18’2 1/2”. Senior Sahara Fletcher was state AA champ in 1600 meters and 800 meters run and Freshman Charlotte Folinus came 4th in 800 meters. Finally, freshman Maia Young finished 4th in 100 meter hurdles, further illustrating the depth that the Girl Track Team had this year and the great future that lies ahead for the team.



On May 26th, the Varsity Boys Baseball team squared off against the school’s main rival, Lovett, in an intense, three-game championship final. The Cats took Game 1 of State Championship 2-1 over Lovett. However, in an eight-inning heartbreaker, Lovett pulled out a 4-3 victory over the Cats in Game 2. In the final game, Lovett was able push again, leading to their state victory of the Cats in a 5-2 win.

“We demonstrated tremendous growth collectively.” said junior Kenta Ahn. “As we bought into Coach Wrenn’s philosophy more and more this season, we ultimately transformed into a team that proved to be a dominant force in the AA region. There isn’t a more tight knit group of athletes that fights and sacrifices for each other than the 2013 baseball team.”

As shown by the team’s fierce belief in each other, the boys Baseball team managed to rally together throughout the season, leading to an impressive 26 wins and 10 losses.


Boys Tennis:

Soaring through the season, the Boys Tennis team trampled over their opponents, winning 78 out of 92 counting matches, finishing with a 20-1 record. The only team they lost to was the 6A team John’s Creek who played against them in the Buckhead Rotary Tournament.

The pinnacle of the season stretched all throughout the region tournament and playoffs, where the boys advanced each round without dropping a single match, all the way to conquering the state title by defeating Wesleyan at Clayton County International Park.

“Honestly, the state tournament flew by,” said junior Aaron Smith. “But what really put the icing on the cake was winning the championship alongside the girls.” This title continues the boys’ streak for a third year, having initially been stopped by Blessed Trinity back in 2010.

“The team this year had talent across the board, with a very narrow gap between the first and the last player,” said junior Will Anderson. “Without a number one player like Walker or Eugene, every match was important, and we rallied around each other more than ever.” The boys hope to continue this streak next year, as they lose only two of their top seven players, with many more eager to fill the lineup.


Girls Tennis:

For the first time in a decade, the Girls Tennis team captured the elusive state title. Their redemption was especially satisfying in lieu of their close defeat last year by Blessed Trinity in the state semifinals. The team swept the courts with a 19-1 record, only losing in an off-season match to Blessed Trinity.

“We had great senior captains who really brought the team together,” said junior Madeline Hill, “and you can’t forget that Emily wore the lucky dolphin necklace – a going on three year tradition – to every match!” The girls brought an enthusiastic atmosphere to practice every day, from the pre-finals pizza night to escapades at Yogurtland when practice was cancelled.

The girls seek out a repeat next year of their state title with the strong confidence of this year’s success and nearly immaculate record.



Although the Gymcats did not qualify for the state meet, the season still ended well. The team placed eighth as a team in the Area qualifying meet at Lovett, where Sarah Dyer qualified individually on vault and advanced forward to the state meet.

“The top six teams go to state, so we didn’t qualify,” said junior Sheridan Nulty, “but we still hosted the state meet.” However, Sarah Dyer still did qualify for the state meet and placed fifth in the final tournament, one of her many individual titles she has gathered over the past year.

The gymnastics team is eager to pursue new heights next year as they look forward to future seasons.