Colleges begin to recruit TikTokers

With recent grade inflation and loss of academic credibility amid this ongoing global pandemic, colleges have resorted to accepting students based on the TikTok content they create while they are quarantined at home. Colleges will now begin to look at current juniors’ TikToks instead of their second semester grades. Pertaining to the application process, colleges will now ask students to submit their top five TikToks and evaluate them based on the level of effort and creativity they find appropriate for that specific kind of TikTok. 

Those who have been learning how to “throw it back” or sway their hips like famous TikTok influencer Charli D’amelio are especially ecstatic that they are able to showcase their hard work to colleges. Chari D’amelio, a current sophomore, announced her commitment to Harvard University last week where she will be joining sophomore Danielle Cohn.

“I am incredibly excited that the long hours I have practicing throwing it back in front of my bathroom mirror are finally going to pay off,” said junior Julia Rhee. “I think that I have finally mastered this skill and it shows a true holistic representation of who I really am.”

Even better, colleges have also announced that they will begin to offer scholarships to current juniors based on the kind of TikTok created. They will consider the students’ level of proficiency in TikTok skills such as Renegade, transitions, POVs, cooking, makeup, etc. Colleges have stressed that the number of likes, shares, and comments a student’s Tiktok gets will also increase their chances of receiving the ForYou Scholarship when competing with other students who have a similar profile as theirs.

“We are looking for students who can do everything. We like to use Addison Rae and Lil Huddy’s TikToks as a benchmark when evaluating students’ resumes,” said the head of Princeton’s admissions office. “Those who fall below our criteria will most likely not catch the attention of our TikTok recruiters.”

Students at Westminster have already been scouted by multiple TikTok recruiters. After spending hours upon hours doing TikTok dances, some students have already committed to top schools such as USC, Yale, and Duke. Others are currently using their time quarantined at home to perfect their TikTok resumes to show recruiters. 

“I am honored to announce my verbal commitment to Monsters University. I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me along this journey. All of those early mornings practicing my hip sways and helicopter hands were worth it,” said junior Zac Walpole.

Westminster’s college counselors have even begun to offer help with TikTok recruiting over Zoom meetings. Each counselor is specialized in the four main areas of interests: dances, POVs, comedy, and cutting bangs.

“We will each be offering Zoom classes to students that are interested in getting recruited. Our job is to help students get the highly competitive ForYou Scholarship without having to leave quarantine with horrific bangs,” said a college counselor. “We want our students to look their best when recruiters evaluate their hair styling skills. The more their hair looks like Dora the Explorer’s, the better.”

For more information, call your college TikTok recruiting counselor if you want to get involved in the cutthroat world of TikTok recruiting.